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For over 55 years, PLANAR JSC has been developing, producing and supplying high precision process and inspection-and-measurement equipment to implement top-of-the-line microelectronics and assembly technologies. The equipment futures laser technologies, artificial intelligence, and high precision mechanical and optical components. Our equipment is used in the production of photomasks, integrated circuits (ICs), micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) and high precision UHF sensors.

The geography of exports of the company's products includes Russia, Germany, China, Italy, Republic of Korea, India, Taiwan, and Israel.

Most of our products (about 70%) are supplied to the Russian Federation, while 20% are supplied to non-CIS countries.

PLANAR JSC participated in the retooling of a great deal of the most significant Russian companies. Among the tools we developed, produced and supplied to them were numerous sets of automatic tools for defect-free mask fabrication, wafer steppers, pattern generators for maskless lithography, various inspection and measurement systems, probers, wafer grinders, dicing saws, die bonders and wire bonders.

PLANAR JSC is a member of international organizations such as:

  • SEMI - Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (International community of semiconductor equipment and material manufacturers)
  • SPIE - The International Society of Optical Instruments Engineering (International society for the development and manufacture of optical technology)
  • LAS - International Laser Association of the CIS and the Baltic states.

Our target audience- Creative young professionals and experienced mentors dedicated to the most advanced micro and nano electronics technology.

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We develop and supply our equipment for specific customer requirements, provide technical support and service. There are no limits for us if it’s required by a customer.

Competitive advantages

Tool operation is based on two mask coating defect repair methods depending on their type: opaque defects are eliminated by mask coating evaporation by focused irradiation of a femtosecond pulse laser; transparent defects are repaired by laser enhanced chemical vapor deposition of a metal organic compound. Defect area navigation is automatic and is based on the data received from mask pattern inspection tools.

Main features:

  • Transparent defect repair;
  • Opaque defect repair;
  • Observation camera system for orientation, alignment and aiming;
  • Automatic mask loading (unloading).



EM-5141 Laser Mask Pattern Defect Repair System

The tool is intended for 65 nm node mask repair.

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