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The educational institution "Vitebsk State Technological University" (UO "VSTU") is a modern educational, scientific and production complex for the training and retraining of specialists with higher education for the light industry and other branches of the national economy, carries out fundamental and applied scientific research in the following areas:

  • Development and research of equipment, machines and mechanisms, automated complexes for the textile and light industry;
  • Development and research of technological processes and means of production of machine parts and devices;
  • Development, research and implementation of new materials, improvement of technological processes and designs of products in the textile and light industry;
  • Research and development of new technological processes and equipment for industrial ecology and energy saving;
  • Development of principles, methods and means of quality management in light industry and mechanical engineering;
  • Socio-economic aspects of the development of organizations and regions.




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Blended yarn with Bekinox® steel fiber insertion

Yarn blended with Bekinox® (Bekaert) steel fibers. Due to the presence of steel fibers in the yarn, it has electrically conductive properties. Textile fabrics made using this yarn are characterized by a specific surface electrical resistance of less than 107 Ohm, that is, they belong to materials that dissipate electrical charges. Fabrics and knitted fabrics containing steel fibers can be used to create special protective clothing for employees of oil and gas processing enterprises, gas stations and other enterprises where there is a high risk of sparks due to the accumulation of a static charge on the clothes of workers. Also, canvases can be used in the manufacture of everyday clothing in order to provide increased comfort. The technology for the production of yarn with the insertion of Bekinox® fibers was developed jointly with the specialists of JSC "Gronitex"



Yarn with the addition of steel fibers produced by JSC "Gronitex" is not inferior in its mechanical and electrical properties to foreign analogs, while having a 1.5-2.5 times lower cost. Products with its use have high hygienic properties due to the high content of cotton fibers.

Fire-resistant fiber knitted fabric

Knitted fabric from fire-heat-resistant fiber Arselon produced by JSC "Svetlogorskkhimvolokno" is intended for use in special protective clothing and personal protective equipment for firefighters-rescuers. The canvas can be used both as a base material and for the manufacture of individual structural elements, structural elements or protective layers of clothing. This knitted fabric can also be used for the production of specialized clothing for casters, metallurgists and workers of other professions who perform work at elevated temperatures and / or with open fire.

 Knitted fabrics made of heat-resistant fibers, unlike fabrics of a similar composition, are characterized by increased air permeability, vapor permeability, and extensibility. These advantages make it possible to improve the ergonomics of special protective clothing and personal protective equipment used in extreme conditions.

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