• Basic and applied scientific research
  • engineering science, mechanics, reliability and safety of machines and technical systems;
  • theory of design, modeling, testing, industrial design;
  • mechatronic systems of machines and mechanisms;
  • new composite, polymer, metal, nano- and microstructured materials;
  • friction and wear in machines, structure and surface properties control.
  • Scientific and technical activities
  • scientific support, organization and coordination of work on the creation of export-oriented automotive and tractor and combine equipment;
  • creation of new materials, coatings, tools, technological equipment.
  • Other activities
  • bench, road tests;
  • certification of ground vehicles, machinery and equipment;
  • certification of management systems;
  • training of highly qualified scientific personnel;
  • patent research;
  • publication of the international scientific and technical journal "Mechanics of machines, mechanisms and materials";
  • publication of the collection of scientific papers "Actual problems of mechanical engineering"

The target audience:

  • Manufacturers of electric vehicles and electrical components for them.
  • Enterprises, organizations, car repair stations, workshops carrying out repair and maintenance:
  • - vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural machinery and off-road vehicles operating in wet, dusty and / or dry conditions;
  • for industrial equipment;
  • for lubrication of friction units operating under high loads and vibrations (quarry equipment, railway transport, road-building machines, agricultural machinery), at high temperatures (steel rolling mills, forging and pressing equipment, heat and power equipment, furnace fans, supply and exhaust ventilation systems );
  • low-, medium- and high-load friction units of equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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