«The Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus»– PTI NAS of Belarus

Potential Technology Innovation

The institute activities are also connected with manufacture of new multifunctional materials and coatings with improved characteristics for machine building, microelectronics, medicine and other fields, diamond abrasive composites for tools, tool production technology, testing and certification of tools. We deal with the development of high-speed methods of heat treatment of metals and alloys, including protection elements of armour vests, recycling of pure non-ferrous and precious metals waste, recuperation of diamonds. Diagnostics and development of plans for repair-and-renewal operations for main pipelines, gas pipelines and vessels under pressure, certification of tools, metallographic and X-ray diffraction research.




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Today, resource-saving and automated production is taking the lead, technologies for creating new materials, robotics and the industrial Internet, intelligent control systems and highly efficient security systems are being intensively developed.

Multifunctional coatings on rolling materials

PTI NAS of Belarus has developed equipment for coating and surface treatment of polymer-based roll materials- polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, polyethelene terephthalate and etc.

IPnstitute provides service of multifunctional coatings with a high reflectivity (thermal protective and highly-reflective properties), protection against the effects of fields and infrared radiation with high electrical conductivity, antistatic bacterial properties.

 Competitive advantages

  • full automation of metallizing;
  • control of deposition parameters and the quality of coatings on a real-time basis;
  • good adhesion between coatings and a base material;
  • ecological cleanness of the process;
  • a capability of pilot-batch and small-batch production;

The target audience:

  • packaging products – food, printing industries;
  • individual protective equipment – medical industry;
  • protective films in industry (radiation protection, heat reflection);
  • capacitor production – electrical industry.

Fiber composite materials

Composite materials based on aluminum reinforced with fibers (B, SiC, C, SiO, Al O, Ni, Ti, Nb, steel, etc.).

Designed for the manufacture of high strength sheets, pipes, profiles and wires for aerospace applications.


Increased strength with low specific weight of basic parts from polymer composite materials.

The target audience:

  • Naval forces (for reconnaissance and defensive purposes).
  • Geological exploration enterprises.



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