BelOMO Holding

Belarusian Optical and Mechanical Association (since 2011 - "BelOMO" Holding) is recognized leader of optoelectronic instrument engineering. The history of BelOMO holding begins in 1957 with founding of the Minsk Mechanical Works named after S.I. Vavilov.

BelOMO Holding today is a universal multidisciplinary association, which specializes in the development, design and manufacture of laser, optoelectronic and optomechanical devices and systems.

BelOMO Holding has great technological potential: foundry, optical, machining, stamping, galvanic, assembly production. In addition, the enterprise has a central testing station and the whole complex of research and production laboratories.

Along with optical profile products, the company also produces brake components systems for heavy vehicles, household gas meters (including temperature compensator, pulse output, ultrasonic, with wireless data transmission channel), IR radiators (heaters) for general and local heating of premises, consumer goods (electric dryers, electric juicers, electric juicers-shredders) and much more.

OJSC “MMW named after S. I. Vavilov - the managing company of BelOMO holding” has closed production cycle and modern equipment. Production capacity of enterprise can successfully produce competitive products, both for domestic and foreign markets. Innovative products of BelOMO holding exported to more than 30 countries.




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The electric dryer with electronic control board

The energy-saving automatic charger is designed for charging traction batteries of any type with a rated voltage from 40 to 110 V. It is possible to charge any type of battery: lead-acid, lithium-ion, iron-nickel, etc.

The device can be used as a universal power source.

The charger uses power modules based on heat-conducting aluminum printed circuit boards.

Versatility and high energy performance are provided by the use of high-frequency energy conversion technologies and a microprocessor control system.

We develop and supply the energy-saving automatic charger for specific customer requirements, provide technical support and service.

BELOMO Z4 Optical Sight

Equipment and electrochemical technology of constructing 3D metal interconnections of integrated circuits.

The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that all stages of forming 3D metal compounds are carried out through low-temperature electrochemical processes under non-stationary conditions.

Each stage requires setting its own unique sequences of current and voltage pulses, which is provided by a developed programmable source of complex current / voltage pulse sequences.

Connection of silicon crystals on the principle of 3D metal interconnections can significantly reduce the final cost and increase the reliability of finished products.

As a result, this technology makes it possible to combine digital and analog circuits, memory and microelectromechanical systems produced using various technologies in one case.

We develop and supply equipment for applying multi-layer micro-layer coatings with different composition and physical properties of layers to meet specific customer requirements; transfer of technology for constructing 3D metal interconnections of integrated circuits and organization of the production site.


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