Laser welding technology has a number of characteristic, attractive, high-quality joints. These features include:

  • Ultrahigh value of energy in a zone of influence of a laser beam. This allows you to reduce (2 ... 5 times) the width of the seam, to reduce the deformation of parts (up to 10 times);
  • Rigid thermal cycle with high speed characteristics and cooling makes it possible for laser welding. This allows you to reduce the effect of phase and structural transformations in the heat-affected zone, lead to softening, cracking, lower corrosion resistance, etc.
  • the sharp focusing of the beam and the possibility of transmitting it over considerable distances allow welding in hard-to-reach places, for example, in recesses of corrugated structures, internal cavities, etc.
  • environmental friendliness: when welding does not form slags, a small amount of welding vapors and aerosols.
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