Technology and equipment for applying protective coatings

Technology and equipment for applying protective coatings by thermal spraying

The proposed technologies and equipment allow welding of almost all groups of materials, excluding duralumin alloys. There is the possibility of welding dissimilar materials, for example stainless steel - carbon steel, copper alloy - stainless steel, aluminum alloy - stainless steel and many others. The main distinguishing features are a high welding speed of up to 15m / min, low heat input, and no deformation of the welded parts.

The main characteristics:

  • welding speed 0.7-15 m / min.
  • The penetration depth is 3 mm per 1 kW of laser power.
  • Seam width 0.2-4mm.

Maximum allowable gap between parts:

  • without wobbler and filler wire up to 0.15mm;
  • with a wobbler without filler wire up to 0.5mm;
  • with a wobbler and filler wire up to 2 mm.

Laser welding technology has a number of characteristic, attractive, high-quality joints. These features include:

  • Ultrahigh value of energy in a zone of influence of a laser beam. This allows you to reduce (2 ... 5 times) the width of the seam, to reduce the deformation of parts (up to 10 times);
  • Rigid thermal cycle with high speed characteristics and cooling makes it possible for laser welding. This allows you to reduce the effect of phase and structural transformations in the heat-affected zone, lead to softening, cracking, lower corrosion resistance, etc.
  • the sharp focusing of the beam and the possibility of transmitting it over considerable distances allow welding in hard-to-reach places, for example, in recesses of corrugated structures, internal cavities, etc.
  • environmental friendliness: when welding does not form slags, a small amount of welding vapors and aerosols.





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