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About technology

1931: French engineer George Jay Darrieus developed a vertical-axis turbine called Darrieus and later patented it. This type of wind turbine has a rather narrow field of application, but it is still used today. These small-capacity wind turbines mounted on lampposts are already in use in China.




Misnik Ilya Georgievich

2 features of our wind turbines

  • Our wind turbines are easy to install, maintain and operate.
  • Produce energy in any wind direction (feature of the rotor structure)
  • Low noise level. (<45 dBa)
  • Operates at low wind speeds. (from 2m / s)
  • Environmentally friendly energy. (no emissions into the environment)
  • Ability to use in conjunction with solar panels.
  • Wind turbines in comparison with other renewable energy sources have high economic efficiency.

Target audience

  • Private enterprises.
  • Residential fund.
  • Agricultural production.
  • City authorities and self-government bodies


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