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Russia, Northwest region

There are many reasons to go to Vologda: temples, famous lace, delicious butter and sweets. There are just as many ways to get to the ancient city. The fastest - by plane, the cheapest - by bus

The regional center is a city Vologda, founded in 1147. The largest industrial center of the region is Cherepovets. The Oblast is facing the North border of the Arkhangelsk Oblast, the East border of the Kirov Oblast, the South border of the Kostroma and Yaroslavl Oblasts, the South West border of the Tver and Novgorod Oblasts, the West border of the Leningrad Oblast, the North West border of the Republic of Karelia. The Oblast is subdivided into 26 districts and two urban districts (Vologda and Cherepovets).

According to the all-Russia census of 2010, the population of the region is 1 136 717 people.

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