• Ministry of Tourism of the Samara region
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Ministry of Tourism of the Samara Region is the executive authority, which implements the government policy in the sphere of tourism on the territory of the Samara Region. 

The Ministry was founded on April 27, 2022 and has the following functions:

  • Strategy projects and government programs development;
  • Monitoring in the field of tourism in the Samara region;
  • Promotion of tourist resources and recreational opportunities of the Samara Region in the domestic and international market, including promotion on the Internet;
  • Participation in development and implementation of measures, connected with the maintenance and development of natural, historical, social and cultural facilities, which are used for tourist and excursion display;
  • Development of the tourist sphere of the Samara Region.
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THE ZHIGULI WEEKEND: instruction for use

The Samara Region invites to the four-day route covering the most significant and vivid sights of the region. 
Going on a trip along the route THE ZHIGULI WEEKEND one can be sure that there will be rich program and bright emotions during the whole journey. You’ll never forget this trip!
Four days of the route contains the whole new world of impressions: mysterious places, unforgettable flavours and unique atmosphere.  Every day is meant for exploration of new parts of the region to investigate it from all angles.
The route includes:
Visiting the deepest bunker in Russia – the Stalin's Bunker;
Breathtaking rise on height of 351 m above sea level to Mount Strelnaya;
The white-stone Kremlin of Syzran and inspiring music of the bells, taking you away to the period of merchants provincial town;
Captivating master class on cooking Pautinka cake and tasting of Samara region crayfish together with foamy drinks;
Endless water surface of the so called Zhiguli sea framed by green hills and covered with white sails of yachts;
Leisurely walks and dynamic trips on yachts and catamarans, tourists will have a chance to try themselves in kiting, windsurfing and flyboarding;
More than 30 buildings of modernist style;
About 5 km of sandy beaches in the center of the city and the biggest square in Europe;
All these things and many more are waiting for tourists in the Samara region.
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Snowkiting on «Zhiguli Sea»

Winter festival of outdoor activities «Zhiguli Sea» is the international snowkiting competition on the surface of the frozen waters of the so called «Zhiguli Sea». During this event, Togliatti again becomes the sailing capital of the region in the middle of winter. Kite surfers from all over Russia and foreign countries come to the «Zhiguli Sea», which becomes the place of ice battles, to fully enjoy the favorite sport and to compete for the title of the best.
In August the Federal Agency for Tourism summed up the results of the competitive selection for support and promotion of events, which are going to be held in 2023. So annual winter festival of outdoor activities «Zhiguli Sea» will be supported on the federal level.
Togliatti has one of the best facilities in Russia for development and promotion of this kind of sport. Also, in 2021 a new embankment of Togliatti was started to restore and restoration is planned to be finished in the end of 2022 for the new winter season. The project of the new embankment considers the development of sailing sport on this area.  There is going, for example, to be a «Sport Harbor» there, where the yachts can be placed, also this renovation will increase the accessibility of popular tourist locations on the opposite bank.
Expanses of the biggest water reservoir in Europe, stable wind, comfortable climatic conditions and the city's proximity with good logistics and transport accessibility create perfect conditions for participation mass competitions.

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Artur Abdrashitov
Minister of Tourism of the Samara region

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