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Tour operator "Grand Express Tour" (RTO 023602 in the unified federal register of tour operators) specializes in the organization of railway tours in Russia. We offer excursion railway tours both for individual customers and for corporate clients. The technical base of our tours - modern, well-equipped train carrier JSC "Grand Service Express.

The main activities - travel railroad routes in the Crimea and on the Crimean peninsula.

JSC "Grand Service Express" and "Grand Express Tour" developed a tourist train "Crimean Voyage " - an integrated tourist product, which consists of excursions, transportation services, organization of complex two meals a day in a train. Overnight stays in the course of the tour is carried out in the train compartment during the night crossings (on the concept of "train - a hotel on wheels").

In addition to specially designated tourist train on a regular schedule trains JSC TC "Grand Service Express" LLC "Grand Express Tour" offers tourists to participate in thematic tours in the Crimea.

These tours include: travel by train, transfers in the Crimea, accommodation, meals according to the program, sightseeing along the route

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Grand Service Express Transportation Company and Grand Express Tour tour operator invite everyone to the wonderful railway cruise "Crimean Voyage"! The tourist train will be running once a fortnight from October 19, 2022.

Discover Russia by train!

Grand Service Express Transport Company and Grand Express Tour tour operator invite everyone to a wonderful railway cruise "Crimean Voyage"! The tourist train will run once a fortnight from October 19, 2022.Discover Russia by train!


Railway five-day cruise "Crimean Voyage" will plunge into a variety of historical and cultural eras unique territory - the Crimean peninsula. It's not a secret for anyone that

Crimea is an amazing crossroads of civilizations. Different nations, religions, cultural traditions and historical epochs are closely intertwined on a small territory of the peninsula, neighboring for many centuries, finding ways of peaceful coexistence.

Crimea is a school of interethnic respect and cooperation. Fates of many nations of the world cross here.

The tourist train during the Crimean voyage will go through the ancient and glorious cities of Crimea: Kerch - Feodosia - Bakhchisaray - Sevastopol - Evpatoria - Simferopol.

Cruise tour "Crimean Voyage" - a kind of journey through time. Tour participants will go through the centuries, from the legends of the Scythian and Sarmatian era, ending with the unique high-tech facilities of our time. This route will remind of the great power of creative work of Man

Rail "Crimean Voyage" is a magnificent trip, which is composed of wonderful seascapes, therapeutic mountain air, delicious local cuisine, magical sunny wine, and a rich excursion program.

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