• What are online events?

What are online events?

These are various online and hybrid exhibitions, online conferences, webinars, virtual master classes and live broadcasts, that’s gather a specific audience for a specific topic.

Just as at offline events, there can be two global goals at an online event: to introduce the company to a wide range of people interested in your product and to find useful contacts for future joint projects. That’s means, only the form of interaction between visitors and companies changes, but the goals remain the same.

OnlineExpo is the most convenient way to establish new contacts and present your product / service to clients who are already interested. OnlineExpo provides a unique opportunity to achieve your marketing goals, increase sales and increase brand awareness of products / services.

You can use special technical capabilities to perform various actions on the OnlineExpo platform. For example, mass mailing, broadcasting webinars, giveaways, polls, filling out questionnaires and etc.


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