• What are online events?

What are online events?

These are various online and hybrid exhibitions, online conferences, webinars, virtual master classes and live broadcasts, that’s gather a specific audience for a specific topic.

Just as at offline events, there can be two global goals at an online event: to introduce the company to a wide range of people interested in your product and to find useful contacts for future joint projects. That’s means, only the form of interaction between visitors and companies changes, but the goals remain the same.

OnlineExpo is the most convenient way to establish new contacts and present your product / service to clients who are already interested. OnlineExpo provides a unique opportunity to achieve your marketing goals, increase sales and increase brand awareness of products / services.

You can use special technical capabilities to perform various actions on the OnlineExpo platform. For example, mass mailing, broadcasting webinars, giveaways, polls, filling out questionnaires and etc.

Benefits of Online Events

  • Choosing  the interface language
  • Location independence
  • Saving budget
  • Easy to attract participants
  • Visitor identification
  • Online chat
  • Online networking
  • Unlimited concurrent visitors 24/7
  • Clear monitoring and statistics
  • Announcement on various platforms via links
  • Attracting potential customers
  • Unique web design
  • Safe meeting place
  • Editing of video recordings describing the key points that are available at any time without additional sites and applications
  •   Unlimited downloads of presentation materials (PDF, PPTX, etc.) Conducting polls and digital data processing
  • Using the system of ordering goods / services and direct sales
  • Unlimited event dates
  • Metrics of success

Platform allows


  • an event in one place
  • content creation
  • online and offline video
  •  company description
  • announcement of speakers
  • parallel presentation of several speakers
  • webinar rules (Schedule, hashtags, etc.)
  • chat bot
  • Create a presentation recording that is available at any time without additional applications and sites
  • Download presentation materials (PDF, PPTX, etc.)
  • Promotion of VIP speakers or sponsors
  • Track open statistics of file views and downloads
  • Conducting polls
  • Getting feedback through site forms
  • Ask questions in chats
  • Exchange business cards
  • Use systems for ordering goods / services and booking for direct sales
  • Choose interface language
  • Have access levels
  • Have pay access levels
  • Unlimited event dates
  • Indicate success metrics

Technical capabilities


  • Texts , expert articles
  • Photo, video and audio
  • PDF materials
  • 3D shooting, 3D models
  • Chatbot (virtual assistant)
  • Interview with experts
  • Hosting webinars
  • VIP block (clients, sponsors, articles, etc.)
  • Thematic rooms or directions to special part of event
  • Keyword search function
  • Section "Special offers"
  • Quick navigation
  • "Frequently asked Questions"


  • Clicks on links (traffic)
  • Transitions from contact details
  • Visits
  • Special offers
  • Collection of visitor contact information


  • Rating stand (for visitors)
  • Comments
  • Exchange of business cards
  • Make Appointment
  • Ability to display in a side newsletter
  • Chat
  • Polls form
  • Share function
  • Geographical location (map)

Types of online events

Webinar - the bulk of the content is generated by speakers or organizers. Viewers are assigned a more passive role - you can ask questions via chat. Most often used for training or presenting/selling a product. The purpose of the selling webinar is that the viewer must perform a target action (place an order, leave a request). The purpose of the non-selling webinar is to increase brand awareness and teach how to use the product. As a rule, a webinar consists of three parts: greeting, main (content) part, answers to questions. A distinctive feature of a selling webinar is the "sales window" - the time during which applications or orders are collected. A mandatory element of the webinar is a presentation that focuses on the abstract and visualizes the information, making it easier to perceive.

An online seminar is a type of online learning that takes place in the format of live communication. The possibility of active participation of all those present at the online seminar is the main difference from the webinar, where the audience is assigned a passive role. OnlineExpo offers a wide range of opportunities for webinars and online seminars.

Online conference - all conference participants can generate content (audio, video, other tools). The purpose of an online conference is to educate, present a product, or discuss a specific topic. Unlike a webinar, each participant in an online conference must have the appropriate equipment (camera, microphone) and software.

A hybrid conference combines elements of in-person and virtual presence. The main problem of a hybrid conference is balancing the needs and connections between virtual participants and those who are present in person. You can read more about this here. Online participants also require hardware and software. Instead of special software, you can use a popular platform for online and hybrid conferences, such as OnlineExpo.

Online broadcast - an active role for the host of the broadcast. Viewers usually do not have the opportunity to ask questions. Can be used, for example, for product presentation. Viewers do not need to purchase equipment and use special software.

An online exhibition (virtual exhibition) is an online equivalent of a regular exhibition, which has its own advantages (almost unlimited scaling, lack of geographical and time restrictions, interactive communication tools). Holding an exhibition online allows participants to provide the maximum amount of information about the exhibited object, which is often not available in the format of a regular exhibition.

Hybrid Exhibition - exhibitors (exhibitors) are available both online and physically for in-person visits. At the same time, visitors who come to the exhibition in person also have access to online exhibition materials and can interact online with other participants, exhibitors and organizers. For this purpose, the organizer provides free Wi-Fi in the exhibition premises. On the OnlineExpo platform, you can organize and hold online and hybrid exhibitions with any number of participants.


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