Data Symphony - Unveiling the Power of Online Event Analytics

Collecting and analyzing data before, during and after an online event will greatly facilitate your work on evaluating its effectiveness. This helps you develop and improve online projects competently and based on facts and figures. The OnlineExpo platform provides these capabilities and now we'll guide you through how it works.

Data collection before online event

Data collection before the start of the event is necessary both for the formation of a potential client base, and for the analysis of visitors and landing. We recommend that you always use the registration form to apply for participation in the online event, which visitors must fill out before the start of the event. Using these forms will help:

What is the best registration form to use? We recommend that you stop at the option where you need to fill in five to seven points, no more. Choose the most important questions for you on the registration form, the answers to which will help you achieve your desired goal, whether it is obtaining a database of email addresses or understanding which industry professionals came to your online conference. If the registration form is too long, your potential participant may not want to go to the end and click on the "Participate" button, so we use only the most relevant questions, do not overload the registration form.

You will also need to use the following metrics to analyze the effectiveness of your online event advertising or online event start page:

Data collection during an online event

During your online event, you can track the activity of visitors, register which declared online performances received the maximum number of visitors, track the activity of participants. We've highlighted some useful statistics that are also available on our platform:

Analysis of data after the online event

It is also important to use:

Why do we need to analyze the statistical data of an online event?

In online event platforms such as OnlineExpo, features have been added to collect statistical data. Data interpretation is valuable information that helps measure the effectiveness of event preparation and delivery. You can always use the OnlineExpo platform to collect visitor activity statistics, monitor and analyze event statistics, and collect visitor ratings. Ready-made solutions for servicing online events are integrated into the platform, so using such solutions to collect and evaluate statistical data will be a real help for you.

Rules for working with statistical data

Increase the involvement of your target audience in an online event, increase the number of potential customers , use different metrics. Get creative by analyzing data. And on the Onlineexpo platform you can organize hold online and hybrid events of any complexity!

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