Empowering Event Planning

Are you ready to elevate your event planning to the next level?

It all begins by crafting a captivating event landing page, the keystone to your event's success. Harness the power of OnlineExpo's cutting-edge landing page builder to engage your audience right from the start. Then, seamlessly transition to our comprehensive, all-in-one platform solutions, meticulously designed to supercharge your event experiences from start to finish.

Discover powerful features that will redefine how you strategize and execute events. Delve into each section to unveil the secrets of successful event planning and explore how OnlineExpo can transform your upcoming event into an extraordinary experience.

1. Centralize Information: Event Page Builder

Your landing page is the gateway to event success. OnlineExpo's Event Page Builder redefines the concept of event landing pages, offering a canvas for creativity. With customizable templates, craft a top-level page that sets the stage.

From this central hub, you can seamlessly connect participants, speakers, exhibitors, partners, and sponsors for any event type. Each stakeholder can personalize their individual spaces within the event framework, infusing their brand, personality, and content.

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2. Streamline Registration and Ticketing

OnlineExpo's event platform offers an all-in-one solution for registration, ticketing, and gate control.

Traditional methods like forms, spreadsheets, or simple software tools are often prone to errors, causing long lines and a frustrating experience for attendees. This is where OnlineExpo's automated registration and ticketing comes in, providing a hassle-free experience for both event organizers and attendees.

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3. Navigate Seamlessly: Dynamic Agenda

From start to finish, our dynamic agenda is your event's information hub. Nestled within the event landing page, it's the central point for accessing all event content. Attendees can easily explore sessions, exhibitor details, speaker bios, and more.

This integration keeps attendees in tune with your event and ensures they don't miss a thing. The dynamic agenda simplifies event navigation for the attendee experience, putting all event details at their fingertips within your event's landing page.

4. Extend Live Streams with On-demand Content

With OnlineExpo, attendees who cannot physically attend the event can now access the event through live streaming or on-demand video content from anywhere in the world.

Event organizers can leverage the recorded content for future marketing purposes, extending the value of their investment in the event. With OnlineExpo's platform, the recorded sessions can be shared, analyzed, and utilized to create ongoing engagement with the event content and build lasting connections with attendees.

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5. Submission | Abstract management platform

An submissions | papers | abstracts registration and evaluation system is an online platform that is used to organize conferences. It allows authors to submit their brief summaries of their research, which they want to present at the conference, as well as receive feedback from organizers and experts.

It also helps conference organizers select and distribute abstracts by sections and sessions, as well as manage all aspects of preparing and conducting the conference.

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6. Magnify Booth Visibility with Expo Catalogues

OnlineExpo's platform amplifies exhibitors' visibility and customer engagement by providing a comprehensive Expo Catalogue online. This benefits both event organizers and exhibitors, as they reach a larger audience and orchestrate unique experiences.

By utilizing OnlineExpo's virtual area tools and AI translation, exhibitors can tailor their exhibits for a global audience effortlessly. They can create digital offers, collect payments, and access training resources, empowering them to curate captivating virtual spaces.

7. Energise Events with interactive GPS or QR code Quizzes

QR code games introduce a cutting-edge event format, uniting participants within an interactive and immersive gaming realm.
Harness the power of QR code games for captivating events teeming with excitement and healthy rivalry.

Experience the thrill of GPS games, where participants engage with their surroundings and enjoy immersive entertainment
through GPS technology. These captivating interactive gaming events are tailored for diverse occasions and gatherings.

8. Inventory catalog builder

An inventory catalog for exhibitors is an online service that allows exhibitors to choose and order the necessary equipment and services for their booth at the exhibition.

An inventory catalog for exhibitors is needed to provide comfortable and effective conditions for demonstrating their products and services, as well as to reduce costs and time for preparing and conducting the exhibition.

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