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without VAT

Organise one eventconference, seminar, training, webinar, presentation, etc.

Unlimited number of attendees!




Your event link title /

✔ Event program and its editing (you can add speakers with photos, information about speakers, presentation time, separate registration forms etc.).

Simple registration form in text, Pop-Up or with buttons (a reply will be automatically sent to participants by email). The organiser will also receive e-mail notifications of registrations to the designated e-mail address.

✔ Multi-language event (in addition to a platform to help you, a professional translation solution is integrated to speed up the process of setting up your event in a multilingual way).

✔ Buttons and links in the text that redirect to other pages or to specific locations of your event. 

✔ Photo and video gallery in different formats. Uploading different files.

 Share your event on social media with 2 clicks

 Module for simultaneous interpretation. Our system allows you to connect simultaneous interpreters to your event. The visitor of the event will see and listen to everything in one language, even if one speaker speaks one language and the other speaker speaks another

✔ Edit and delete any element of your event at any time.

✔ Copy of your previous event to use as the basis for a new event.


Event title and logo. 

✔ Use of your branded graphic elements, including color scheme, font, etc.

✔ The main event banner at the top of the page. It can be a photo, video or slideshow.


Admission to the event:

✔ The event is open to all (with or without registration)

✔ The event is private with one access code (registration required)

✔ Open event, but there are areas/halls that may require either registration or entry by ticket (code). In addition, there may be different levels of access (different tickets)


All social networks and chats FB, Instagram, email, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc. are integrated into the platform to communicate with the organizer / sponsor / partner. 

✔ Integration with other personal communication systems and programs, which are already used in your organization, is also possible.

✔ Exchange business cards and make appointments (request delivered via email).


LIVE streaming (Special Visual). The interface for online streaming includes:

an "Expo" area, where when you click on the banner, you are taken to the exhibitor/sponsor/partner's booth

multifunctional event program, where you can use buttons to ask questions, participate in quizzes, vote, and much more

multilingual capabilities and easy switching between parallel streams



Comments during the broadcast. Comments can be anonymous and non-anonymous - the commenter decides

General open chat, where all visitors can communicate and leave announcements (we suggest connecting a moderator)

We also have solutions for an additional fee (see below)


Our platform has public attendance statistics on the homepage, as well as on virtual stands

✔ You can also ask us for detailed statistics


Sharing our extensive experience

✔ Technical support

✔ Basic lesson on using the platform.

Guidance materials for virtual area design

Services overview

Additional functions:

Entry | registration | verification Entry | registration | verification

Registration form for participating on Event
A form that can customised vary depending on the selection.

250 €

Import registration data
We create the required fields that were used in your registration system and configure them so that the system automatically transfers them from your file to our system.

150 € +hours

Limited access to the ONLINE event
Login to the event with a generated / imported unique code.

  • Only 1 device can use the code at a time.
  • The system will send the code to email.

150 €

Limited access to ON-SITE event
Generate / import unique QR codes when registering or importing registration data. 

  • The system will send a ticket/QR code to email.

200 €

Certificates, badges, tickets, other documents
We will add this function to the registration form or link it to the imported data.
We will make adjustments to your graphic design and set up text fields for automatic filling.

150 € +hours

Checking tickets manually or by scanning a QR code on ON-SITE events
You can search for your ticket manually or by scanning the QR ticket with your phone camera. 

  • check the ticket
  • make corrections
  • search by keywords (e.g. first name, last name, etc.)
  • print the ticket or badge according to the previously approved design and automatically filled in fields

* The price of the software includes only the rent of the software. In addition you will need to rent the required number of printers (our software works with any printer)  and make needed set-ups's.

475 €


Special Settings Special Settings

Your personal event domain

75 €

Integrate your own payment system

175 €

Sell tickets or coupons on your event page
Stripe payment solution fee will be added

75 €

Expo Area Expo Area

Custom "skeleton" set-up for Event Page
For Event we set-up individual "skeleton"  and settings for pages / halls / categories or streams etc

750 €

Expo or Sponsor Area (~10 stands)
Create virtual pages for your partners, sponsors, or exhibitors each, where you can upload any of their materials or videostreams. Participants can meet or networking with them.

75 € / stand

Expo or Sponsor Area (10+ stands)
Create virtual pages for your partners, sponsors, or exhibitors each, where you can upload any of their materials or videostreams. Participants can meet or networking with them.


Halls and Categories
As in the real world, your event can be divided into halls or categouries. With us, you can also divide your stands and sponsors into categories to use it like blocks in front page or in navigation menu of the event.

75 € / hall

Videor Rooms and Workshops
An event organizer can create several video rooms at one event, each room will have its own theme, description, materials, etc. Visitors in the rooms will be able to communicate, see each other, leave notes and much more.


75 €

Filters and Tags or Labels

If there will be many exhibitors/ sponsors/ partners at your event and you want to simplify the search for visitors, you can use the filters function, which we will create based on your wishes.

175 €


Interactive Interactive

Quizzes, Q&As

Free or choice polls

Open/closed polls


Informative or promotional Chat-Bot
We will set up a different chat-bot at your event, which will have a set of questions and answers chosen by you.

950 €

Customised online interactive Games
Questionnaires, Competitive games, Puzzle games, Lottery games, Video games

250 € / game

Online Quest on Event Page
Online interactive walk through the pages of your event with hints and item retrieval

150 €

Interactive GPS Walk and Excursion in the real world landscapes

To participate, guest need to come up with phone to any point on the map, and the information will automatically appear on the phone screen. To play, you only need a link, no need to download any applications.

175 € / game

Interactive QR walkthrough in the real world

To participate it is necessary to approach certain objects, points on the maps, etc., where there will be QR codes, the participant scans it with the phone and gets to the page of the information, where there can be information or video questions, pictures, files, quizzes, etc. After the task is completed, the participant goes to the next place, the history of his answer is saved. 

175 € / game


Infomails and notifications Infomails and notifications

Mass mailing of emails (setup)
Based on an email address database sent by the customer (the content of the email is created by the customer).

150 €

Mass mailing of e-mails (sending)
Depends on the number of emails and on the number of mailings.


Set-Up Calendar Notification
 Set-Up personal calendar notifications for event

75 €



We have a long track record of working with online events, which we use to support our platform customers. Our content managers can help with editing or filling out web conference content pages to get your event up and running faster. Correctly crafted texts will gain more popularity in search engines. Our advertising specialists can bring your event to visitors from different countries. We can also share information about your event on social media, if required.

Important information:

If you are planning to organize or involve our team in the creation of your event event, we advise you to start event creation at least 2 weeks in advance. We consider urgent work as organization of the event, which is less than 1 week before its opening. In this case, for the urgency of our work there may be additional fees

Our client service is more than happy to answer Your questions!

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