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Organise virtual events or use our solutions for on-site events and participant engagement

ico Over 600 virtual events organised on the platform
ico More than 4 000 companies from 10 countries participated
ico Events visited over 6 million times

Platform for organizing online, hybrid and on-site events

Single solutions for organizing online events, hybrid and on-site, will ensure the same high level of involvement of their attendees.

For Organizers
  • a modern and functional platform
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • ready-made solutions for the organiser
  • possibility to authorise visitors
  • monitoring and analysis of event statistics
  • built-in multilingual translation tool
  • feature-rich use cases
  • natural traffic from the platform
  • cost-effective (high ROI)
  • professional user support
For Sponsors and Exponents
  • a user account to design a virtual area
  • ready-made solutions for the participant
  • creating and sharing special offers
  • visitor authorisation
  • monitoring and analysis of virtual area statistics
  • use of a multilingual translation tool
  • enabling networking
  • organising webinars, presentations, etc.
  • use of payment solutions
  • professional learning materials
For Visitors
  • convenient access from all devices
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • integrated communication channels such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, Skype, etc.
  • meetings with event participants
  • adding meetings to the calendar
  • registration reminders and newsletters
  • shopping at the event 
  • personalised information basket collection


  • preparation of an information catalogue
  • various on-site interactive and engaging activities,
  • on-site navigation with ibeacons,
  • the use of location-based tour or walking tour modules put together for delegates and speakers.

Access and ticket control:

  • setting up registration forms,
  • QR-based access control and distribution to lists,
  • manual access control,
  • setting up on-site printout of participants' badges,

Overview of OnlineExpo features

OnlineExpo is a international digital platform for organising new generations virtual events and supporting physical events. We can help conveniently organise virtual events of all formats - conferences, trade fairs, training courses, seminars, etc. The platform's various functionalities are also useful tools to support physical events, including attendance checks, mail communication and of course increasing visibility and visitor engagement.

Expand the horizons of your event with OnlineExpo!

See the presentation of our services:

Event landing page

Not all events have a dedicated website. OnlineExpo is a modern event platform with all the necessary functionalities to easily build landing pages for different events and the businesses participating in them.

Landing pages can include photos and videos, live streams, interactions with other participants and visitors, contact and registration forms, special offers and advertisements, as well as highlighting the most interesting exhibitors and sponsors and also giving them the opportunity to promote themselves through their personalised landing page in the virtual area of the event.

Livestream and Videos

The platform will be able to show live broadcasts of the event as well as pre-recorded video clips.

In this way, the atmosphere and performances of the on-site event can be shared with hundreds or thousands of visitors to the virtual platform.

In the case of events, in addition to the organiser, each exhibitor or sponsor can also display their own stand on the platform and share personalised presentations through webinars, product demonstrations or workshops.

Engagement and Gamification

The platform has a wide range of features to engage participants and visitors, including interactive gaming solutions to drive traffic to selected websites and to attract people to visit specific exhibitors, presentations and product launches, as well as off-site locations.

Quizzes, memory games, wheel of fortune game variations, puzzles and riddles, search tasks and other tools make it possible to combine online and offline events in an interesting way and better involve event participants in both formats.


OnlineExpo is a great first step in building new professional relationships: it allows you to find interesting entrepreneurial people and make first contact with them on the platform.

To communicate, choose the appropriate communication option integrated into the platform (e.g. Hangouts, Viber, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, etc.) or use the platform's contact forms to set up a meeting time.


Sigrid Petoffer
Sigrid Petoffer
Sigrid Petoffer

Thank you once again for inviting us to host the Caring Fathers Conference in your platform and your online community. Many of my colleagues also attended the conference and I would recommend them all to work with you - you are very accommodating and professional.

Nika Smirnova
Nika Smirnova
Nika Smirnova

We were very happy with the technical support! Everything went smoothly on live. The picture and videos shown during the breaks was well received by participants - people had very positive comments about the design.

Livia Laas
Livia Laas
Livia Laas

Thanks to OnlineExpo, we were able to organise the fair simultaneously in several languages for visitors from different countries many years. Those companies that were unable to come to the physical exhibition placed their stands on the platform and ensured their presence.

Andrey Sheko
Andrey Sheko
Andrey Sheko

Thanks to OnlineExpo, we were able to organise the fair simultaneously in several languages for visitors from different countries. Those companies that were unable to come to the physical exhibition placed their stands on the platform and ensured their presence.

Alexander Starikov
Alexander Starikov
Alexander Starikov

We were very happy with the communication with the Onlineexpo team. The content managers were in touch and offered us support before and during the event. We conducted training sessions for our clients and expressed our requests for content. The platform allowed educational institutions to post interviews with students and teachers, tours of educational buildings and even dormitories.

Triin Sooäär
Triin Sooäär
Triin Sooäär

Working with OnlineExpo was certainly one of the ways in which true doers can bring together ideas, worthy people and create the right visuals, with a keen eye for detail and broader impact. If we were to continue to look for partners for major events or training, they are certainly a flagship in this field.

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