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ico Vairāk nekā 600 izstāžu
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Platform solutions
Webinars and Seminars
Virtual and Hybrid Conferences
Virtual and Hybrid Expo
Similar solutions for on-site and virtual events will ensure the same quality of experience for their visitors.
For organizers
  • a modern and functional platform
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • ready-made solutions for the organiser
  • possibility to authorise visitors
  • monitoring and analysis of event statistics
  • built-in multilingual translation tool
  • feature-rich use cases
  • natural traffic from the platform
  • cost-effective (high ROI)
  • professional user support
For sponsors and exponents
  • a user account to design a virtual area
  • ready-made solutions for the participant
  • creating and sharing special offers
  • visitor authorisation
  • monitoring and analysis of virtual area statistics
  • use of a multilingual translation tool
  • enabling networking
  • organising webinars, presentations, etc.
  • use of payment solutions
  • professional learning materials
For visitors
  • convenient access from all devices
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • integrated communication channels such as
  • messenger, whatsapp, telegram, viber, skype, etc.
  • meetings with event participants
  • adding meetings to the calendar
  • registration reminders and newsletters
  • shopping at the event 
  • personalised information basket collection
Pasākumu kalendārs
Gaidāmie pasākumi
Interjera izstāde 2022
Atklāšana: 21. aprīlis

Kur mēs varam atrast atšķirīgus risinājumus un idejas, kas darbojas? Interjöör apvieno pārdomātākos un gudrākos risinājumus zem viena jumta, kas noteikti sniegs jums nepieciešamās idejas pat…

Key Features
Event landing page
Livestream and videos

Even today, there are exhibitors who don't have a good, modern landing page. They do not know how to sell online and present themselves beautifully. Others, on the contrary, have such a wide range of products that their site is like a huge catalog. So, our client Siemens, has several lines of its products, conducts training and search for personnel. For any of them, the landing page of the exhibition is a great solution. It will be easy to place the necessary accents and sell.

Place on landing page:

  • Photo and video galleries
  • Live broadcasts
  • Networking
  • Special offers
  • Ad blocks

This opportunity arouses the greatest interest among visitors. You can broadcast simultaneously from different locations both live and pre-recorded. For online visitors, you will be able to convey the atmosphere of the event. Each exhibitor will be able to conduct virtual tours of their facilities and give the floor to experts. Live broadcast from the exhibitor's stand will allow them to present themselves and their content not to dozens of offline visitors, but also to hundreds of online guests, and guests to ask their questions.

Who is broadcasting:

  • Exhibitor
  • Organiser of the exhibition

Broadcast Access:

  • Free Access
  • Free Access with registration
  • Paid Access

Connecting the online and offline world is possible through games. Quests and a quiz right on the exhibition site can be connected with tasks in the physical world. You can ask visitors to answer questions and find clues right in the exhibition hall or in the conference hall.

  • Quest
  • Quiz
  • Puzzle
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Memory game

Many contracts are concluded only through meetings. The online platform will give the opportunity to make an appointment online or offline. Planning a meeting will allow you to prepare for it in advance, pay more attention to the most interesting interlocutors. At the right time, the meeting itself can easily be held on the platform.

  • Conferences
  • Round tables
  • Webinars
  • Personal meetings
  • Video lessons
Sigrid Petoffer
Conference "Caring dads"

Once again, thank you very much for inviting us to your place and your online environment to host the Caring Dads conference. Many of my colleagues also attended the conference and I would recommend all of them to work with you - you are very responsive and professional.

Nika Smirnova
Live Marketing Seminar

For us (Changemakers) the feedback is that we were very happy with the technical support! Everything went smoothly on the air. Particularly good comments were received by the picture that was on the breaks - people who were on the site gave very positive comments about the design.

Livia Laas
Work and Career Fair

We have been working with OnlineExpo for five years already. Year after year our fairs are getting bigger, and in the last few years, when the job and career fair was held only virtually, our requirements for it have become even more specific. Despite this, OnlineExpo followed our ideas and, taking into account our wishes, developed the solutions necessary for the success of the fair.

Andrey Sheko
Smart Industry Expo

Thanks to the international company OnlineExpo, we were able to hold our exhibition for the audience of the CIS and Europe. The exhibition was held simultaneously in several languages for visitors from different parts of the globe. Those companies that were unable to attend due to the current situation placed their stands online and ensured their presence.

Alexander Starikov
Education and Career

We were very pleased with the communication with the Onlineexpo team. The content managers were in touch and provided us with support before and during the event. For our clients, we conducted training and expressed wishes for content. The platform allowed educational institutions to post interviews with students and teachers, sightseeing tours of educational buildings and even dormitories.

Triin Sooäär
Coordinator of the Union for the Protection of the Rights of the Child

Working with Online Expo has definitely been a testament to how real performers can bring together ideas, worthy people and create the right visuals while being interested in the details of a wider impact. Our film day with young people started with a training in public speaking, but after theory everything immediately turned into practice, which guaranteed the greatest acquisition of knowledge, but all this was made possible thanks to a professional team. If we were to continue looking for partners for major events or trainings, then they would certainly be the flagship in this area.

Overview of OnlineExpo features

OnlineExpo is an international platform for organizing new generation events and meetings. We can help you save time and money, while providing extensive options for hybrid and online events.

Online exhibitions, conferences, webinars, fairs, master classes held on our platform can attract an audience from all over the world.

Expand the horizons of your event with OnlineExpo!

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