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About OnlineExpo

The OnlineExpo platform solves the problems associated with organising on-site and online events. OnlineExpo is convenient and rich in possibilities for organisers and engaging for participants. OnlineExpo removes the significant barriers of geographical distance and personal time constraints. 

Trade fairs, training and seminars, customer days, etc. are now increasingly taking place online or in hybrid formats.


Margus Tamm

Margus is the company's creator, CEO and driving force - a skilled man for a thousand jobs. It is said that he who loves his job is happy. Work is for Margus both a hobby, a self-fulfilment and a lifestyle all rolled into one.

Anastasiya Stroganova

OnlineExpo is an international team of experts, our specialists are located all over the world. I'm happy to manage our affiliates, bring them together and introduce our product to people all over the world!

Ivan Gretsky

This is a complex IT project that requires complete immersion and a lot of hard work. But each successfully solved task brings joy and moral satisfaction. I am sure that we are doing a great job!

Julia Tjurina

Julia likes numbers. Julia especially likes the big numbers on the activa side. Good number magic is the foundation of any business, especially Start-Up. Julia keeps OnlineExpo's numbers always tidy.

Mikhail Alasheev

The internet gives us huge opportunities - millions of people can see the results of our work online. But it's also a huge responsibility - the results of our work are visible to everyone around the world in many different languages.

Sales department

Vadim Firsa
Project manager

My active lifestyle, analytical mind and vivid imagination help me do my work quickly, accurately and creatively.

Anna Tsay
Project manager

I believe that every problem has a solution.
It can be found independently or together with a reliable team.
The main thing is not to give up.

Akylai Ergeshbaeva
Project manager

New projects always open up new perspectives and boundaries and help build a successful personality.

Nikita Artjuhhov
Project manager

Before working at OnlineExpo, I wasn't intimately familiar with exhibitions and conferences, but everything changed when I sat down at my computer and started selling. The events industry opened up a new side to me. Our team is very friendly and responsive.

Support department

Mari-Liis Aron
Client Supporting Officer

Mari-Liis loves her job! Mari-Liis has been part of the OnlineExpo team from the very beginning and has seen the company grow. Mari-Liis is very proud of what OnlineExpo has become and always does her best to help her customers use the platform.

Peeter Paju
Client Supporter

OnlineExpo creates a new approach to the traditional event management sector. Peeter helps clients technically set up the platform correctly and create and manage the pages associated with their participation.

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