• Brand loyalty through live streaming

Brand loyalty through live streaming

Live broadcasts have gained popularity and many companies around the world are using them more and more actively in marketing. Live streaming is useful and effective and helps in attracting target audiences, increases brand awareness and loyalty. How to broadcast and get the most out of it?

When we talk about live broadcasts, let's look at the numbers:

  • ┬áLivestream reported over 1.1 billion hours of live streaming in 2019.
  • 80% of the audience prefer streaming instead of reading a blog.
  • Watching a video boosts brand associations by 139%.
  • According to 99 Firms, consumers are 39% more likely to share video content.
  • Hubspot found that 82% of audiences are more interested in live broadcasts than social media posts.

As you can see from this data, live streaming is a great way to establish a more personal connection with your audience. Live broadcast participants can see and hear the creators of the brand, which, of course, increases loyalty to it.


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