Effective sections for live broadcasts

There are many options that can help optimize live streaming. Our task is to find the most suitable ones for your business.

Let's consider some of them!





Restream has great opportunities for conducting live broadcasts. With its help, you can broadcast on more than 30 social platforms at the same time, schedule the launch of broadcasts and the release of finished videos, chat with viewers, and also view all analytics in one place.

Restream service offers three packages of use: start, standard and professional. Each package includes different features. The starter pack can be used free of charge, standard and professional - for an additional fee. It is very easy to start streaming with Restream. All you need to do is open a browser window, select the desired social platforms and go on the air. The service also automatically connects to the camera and microphone - you do not need to use additional applications for this. Restream Studio allows you to broadcast videos in Full HD (1080p) and even invite guests - just share a special link

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Content Planners

In order for live broadcasts to bring the maximum result, you need to reach the widest possible audience as possible. To do this, you need to conduct active marketing in social networks. Planning tools will help you with this. The big plus is that they save you the hassle of switching between platforms.

With services such as Hootsuite, SocialPilot and Buffer, you can sync all accounts, publish posts on each platform, and plan your content. This approach will help attract a large interested audience - just what you need for live broadcasts.

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Image editors

Pictures in broadcast reminders are a great way to grab your audience's attention. They are an integral part of marketing and should reflect the quality of the future broadcast.

Visual effects can be created and edited using tools such as Pablo and Canva. They allow you to add text, filters and other elements that will grab attention and alert you to upcoming streams. These services are free to use.

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Video editors

Live video can be used in your marketing plan and strategy. Tools like Lumen5 and WeVideo will help you edit and customize it for specific purposes. With their help, you can add various elements, such as graphics, and format the video for your needs. Thus, broadcasts can be used for additional purposes, getting the maximum benefit from them.

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Necessary equipment

You don't have to buy expensive equipment to get a good live broadcast. If you use Facebook or YouTube, even one phone is enough.

However, for larger broadcasts, additional tools may be needed. It is worth paying attention to the power of the laptop, the quality of lighting, camera and microphone. Sound is the most important component of any ether, so it is important to make sure that it is clean and does not contain unnecessary noise.


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