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The main objective of Kutun Automotive is to help the automotive industry to overcome the current tipping point - to improve the energy efficiency of showrooms, workshops and factories, to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, and to prolong the lifetime of equipment

We specialise in optimising heating, cooling and ventilation (including exhaust gas recirculation) in car dealerships, workshops and factories

We also make day-to-day operations more efficient through automation, for example:

  • Monitoring and control of oil tanks and lines
  • Monitoring and control of oil and lubrication systems
  • Monitoring and control of compressors
  • Monitoring and checking of compressors and compressor controls
  • Lighting solutions

All solutions are also available on a full-service contract basis (SAAS). In addition, our product range also caters for the most demanding customer, namely we rent mobile battery banks from 0.3 to 1MW, complete with EV chargers.

Conference "Green lifeline"

On Friday 14 October, the Green Lifeline conference will look at the state of play in the solar and electricity markets and explore what will happen next when financing for cars with internal combustion engines ends in 2035. 


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