GPS Game Phases and Features


  • Registration and Preparation: Participants sign up for the event and receive essential instructions and information. This can be accomplished by scanning a designated QR code or utilizing the game link, which is automatically generated for each game.
  • Missions and Destinations: Organizers of GPS games devise missions and determine destinations that participants must visit throughout the game. Each destination usually corresponds to a specific task, puzzle, or activity.
  • Navigating with GPS: Competitors employ GPS technology on their smartphones to pinpoint their location and navigate to the next destination. GPS assists in navigating our virtual map and identifying target areas.
  • Quest Completion: Upon reaching each destination, participants fulfill tasks or engage in activities linked to that particular point. This may involve uncovering concealed items, solving puzzles, gathering information, or completing physical challenges. Participants operate in teams or individually, in line with game rules.
  • Interaction and Competition: Throughout GPS games, participants interact and vie for top scores. They can exchange information, offer assistance, or compete in terms of task completion speed.
  • Assessment and Rewards: Game organizers assess participant results at the game's conclusion. This evaluation could be based on time, accurate responses, task accomplishment, or other criteria. Winners may earn rewards or incentives.


  • Monitor Game Duration: Monitor the time taken for game completion.
  • Set Time Constraints: Impose time limits for game accomplishment.
  • Gather Participant Details: Collect contact information from participants.
  • Allocate Task Points: Assign points for accomplished question-tasks (each task can carry distinct point values).
  • Employ a Virtual Map: Position GPS points on our virtual map or provide participants with clues regarding the next GPS point's location following each activity.
  • Facilitate Social Sharing: Allow participants to share their game achievements on social media.
  • Incorporate Advertising: Integrate advertising into the game experience.