Ready-Made GPS Games

Let OnlineExpo Assist You in Orchestrating Memorable Events with GPS Games

We provide two distinct QR game options: customizable and ready-made. Customizable games are ideal for corporate events, enabling you to craft a tailored gaming experience aligned with your objectives. Pre-designed options cater to those who prefer a ready-made solution for instant entertainment.

Within a customized GPS game, participants can engage in group competitions or individual challenges. Group competitions accommodate up to three participants per device, fostering team collaboration and joint problem-solving. On the other hand, individual games provide participants with distinct tasks, resulting in a personalised gaming journey.

Commission a Unique Game from Our Experts

Should you lack the time to develop a game while having a clear event theme in mind, share your vision with our experts. They will curate an exhilarating game experience that resonates with the essence of your event.