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At a nice price - on a pleasant cruise!

Have you ever wanted to try a new type of holiday? Have you heard of This is a service that helps you find and book a cruise trip to your taste. Choose the date you like, the ship you like and the direction from hundreds of options!

To make it easier to choose, we present the most popular river destinations in Russia


Golden ring

• Cruise on the renovated standard class motor ship "Alexander Suvorov" from 48 thousand rubles per person on the route through Nizhny Novgorod. A vivid impression is made by the arrow of the Volga and Oka in the evening, when the illumination of nearby buildings is turned on. The best view is from the deck of the ship.

• Cruise on the new motor ship "Mustai Karim" luxury class with departure from Moscow through the fabulous Myshkin. Designer cabins, premium restaurants, a sea of ​​entertainment and the best views of Russian cities for 140 thousand rubles per person.

Cruises on the Volga


• Cruise on the famous ship "Yuri Nikulin" through Yaroslavl. The main waterway of Russia will allow you to see the historical center of the city from the best angle, and the nostalgic atmosphere of the ship will plunge you into the times of the most delicious ice cream and good Soviet cinema. The cost of the cruise is from 10 thousand rubles per person.

• Cruise on the sounding motor ship of the premium class "Volga Dream" to Astrakhan. During the trip, you can admire the picturesque fields of flowering Caspian lotus, feel the spirit of coastal cities and enjoy the excellent service of the ship. The cost is from 85 thousand rubles per person.


• Cruise on a comfortable motor ship "Anton Chekhov" through Kizhi - from 76 thousand rubles per person. A fascinating immersion in history through the wooden masterpieces of the museum island, a walk through the canyons and virgin forests.

• Cruise on the ship "Alexander Pushkin" - from 129 thousand rubles per person for a long route through Petrozavodsk. This is an opportunity to see one of the wonders of Karelia - the flat Kivach waterfall and the original art objects of the capital of the region.


• Cruise on the Mstislav Rostropovich premium-class motor ship with a visit to Kazan. Go along this route to randomly scratch the Cat of Kazan - a monument in honor of the hero of many legends, try the Tatar national cuisine and see the famous cathedrals and mosques from the board of a luxury liner. From 162 thousand rubles per person

• Cruise on the ship "Two Capitals" on the route from Moscow to Kazan. You will get acquainted with the open-air ethnographic museum in Kozmodemyansk, see the famous monument of the Patron Mother in Cheboksary, and, of course, take pictures against the backdrop of the panorama of the Kazan Kremlin with the main Muslim shrine of Tatarstan - the Kul-Sharif mosque. The cost of the tour is from 25 thousand rubles per person.

And also on the website, special promotions and discounts on tours for pensioners, families with children and birthdays are always available. At a nice price - on a pleasant cruise!

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