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Novosibirsk is the third largest city in Russia, located in the very heart of Eurasia. This relatively young city is one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. It took Novosibirsk only 70 years to reach one million in population.  Moreover, these are hardly the only achievements of the city!

Here you will have an opportunity to take a ride in the longest indoor metro bridge, to have a walk in one of the biggest zoos in Russia, to visit one of the biggest indoor aquaparks and to see the biggest theatre building in Russia, the largest ferris wheel beyond the Urals, and the unique Oceanography and Marine Biology Center “Dolphinia”.

Аkademgorodok and a science town (Naukograd) Koltsovo are the world-famous scientific centers of the region where scientific research is being transformed into industrial technology.

Clinics with the worldwide reputation, health resorts with local natural factors, Novosibirsk reservoir surrounded by sandy beaches and pine forest in combination with well-developed hospitality industry are the factors that attract tourists all year long.

Following the results of 2021, the Novosibirsk region is ranked 13th in the National Tourism Rating of Russia. Welcome to the Novosibirsk region! Siberia is here!

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The Ministry of Economic Development of the Novosibirsk Region is the regional executive authority of state power in charge of the state administration and legal regulation in the field of support for tourism industry development.


Interesting facts about the Novosibirsk region:

1. The largest theatre buiding in Russia is located in Novosibirsk. The theater is called "The Colosseum" by local people for its size.

2. Red Avenue is one of the longest straight streets in the world. Its length is almost 7 km.

3."The smartest street in the world" can also be found in Novosibirsk. Around 20 scientific institutions are located on the Lavrentyev Avenue.

4. Here you can visit one of the largest indoor aquaparks.

5. You can see the longest metro bridge on the planet (2.15 km long) here.

6. A curious fact is that there is no sea in the region, but Novosibirsk reservoir is called "Ob' Sea" by local people.

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Elena Kryzhanovskaya
Elena Kryzhanovskaya
Head of the department of development of domestic and inbound tourism of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Novosibirsk region
Catherine Uglanskaya
Catherine Uglanskaya
Head of the Tourist Information Center of the Novosibirsk region

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