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"Unconventional excursions"
- is a unique project in the field of tourism, designed to completely turn tourists' ideas about travel and excursions in general. It is not only about the unusual content of our programs, but also about an innovative approach to their presentation

Our goal - to show the heritage of the Bryansk region and identity of its culture, the richness of nature and traditions; tell people that Bryansk - is not only the city of military and partisan glory, an industrial and agricultural region, but also an underrated tourist center

We open up the Bryansk region not only to tourists, but also to locals, who are given the opportunity to see their native land in a new way

The activity of the agency "Non-banal Excursions" covers a huge audience of tourists of different ages and interests

History and architecture lovers will be attracted by our not banal expeditions to places shrouded in legends, imbued with folklore, the spirit of research. Among them are Old Believers' settlements, remained wooden churches (there are 48 of them in the region), the only temple with the crystal iconostasis in the world, ancient cemeteries, ruins of magnificent estates that are not specified on modern maps. With us you will visit the places, which are not usual tour guides, hear the stories and legends, which were carefully collected by us from the local residents, as well as historical facts carefully studied in the archives

For lovers of the extreme, there are "mystical" programs, sightseeing tours by scooter, kayak rafting, night tours of the city, savory excursions

For lovers of gastronomic pleasures we have developed culinary master classes, trips to production facilities with tastings, gastro tours, bar tours

For children's tourism we offer a unique program of living history lessons, where even an ordinary trip turns into a quest, an educational game, a costumed program with master - classes, a cinema trip. Our authors allow not only to learn the Bryansk region, but also to love their roots, learn the history of their native land, explore nature

Come on our excursions! We are sure that you will want more!

Sincerely, Elizabeth Kaplan - the head of the agency not banal excursions Bryansk.

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Come to Bryansk! We'll surprise you!

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Isolde Kaplan
Isolde Kaplan
Project Manager

Literary Cinematic Journey

A unique author's tour in which children will not only visit the ancestral home of scribes and poets and visit the home of the legendary bard Bayan, but also during the trip will comprehend all the secrets of cinematography. Their task will be to make a film about the trip. In the end we'll organize a film contest with awarding of the winners

  1. General information about the route, the concept and the key idea of the tour;

ITINERARY: Bryansk - Krasny Rog - Trubchevsk-Ovstug-Zhiryatino

The plan of the sightseeing tour

1 day. Dive into the Cinema Journey

11-00- Meeting with a guide in Bryansk on the arrival platform at the train #9, a sign "Bryansk Tales and Crafts".

11-15 Departure to the estate Knyazhichi

12-30 Sightseeing tour around the farmstead with a visit to the rabbit farm and a story about the children's festival "We make movies ourselves"

13-00 Lunch (we cook rabbit in a cauldron + tartiki dish of Russian cuisine)

14-00 Immersion into the Cinema Journey introduction about the trip

The journey "Kinopushestvie" is absolutely unique and was created together with the Association of Film Teachers of Russia. It takes place on a family farm, where bulls, rabbits, sheep, pigs, geese, chickens, ducks... walk free-range on the farmsteads and ponds. But in addition to the fact that the children will have the opportunity to watch the animals and join the farm craft,☝️ they can learn how to shoot a camera properly, work out their own screenplay, make a storyboard, direct and edit their own films!???? What to expect:

  • Interesting training in the basics of camerawork, directing, and screenwriting;
  • Splitting into groups and creating your own script;
  • Assigning roles and preparing to shoot a film;

18-20 dinner in the Green City Cafe

19-00 Sightseeing tour + Paustovsky's house and the monument to Peresvet on Pokrovskaya hill

20-30 Check-in at the hotel Tsentralnaya

day 2 By Bayan (A.K. Tolstoy estate in Krasny Rog + Trubchevsk - Bayan land and literary capital of Central Russia

  • 8-00 Breakfast
  • 9-00 Boarding the bus (During the trip guide will tell about the history, traditions and culture of the Bryansk land, and its literary heroes;)
  • 10-00 Krasny Rog estate of Tolstoy " Theatrical tour + movie shooting
  • 11-00 MK?
  • 13-00 Lunch Trubchevsk
  • 13-40 guided tour in Trubchevsk and movie shooting
  • 14-00 Květun, the cradle of Slavonic culture + film shooting
  • 18-00 a picnic dinner in the nature of Bryansk (campfire and songs with a guitar) during warm weather and meditation with a guitar after dinner during cold weather
  • In the evening the children are given the task of editing what they have filmed during the day

day 3 How to become a poet (The secret of Tyutchev's talent)

  • 8-00 breakfast
  • 9:00 check-out from the hotel
  • 10-00 QUEST - EXCURSION IN THE PARK AND MANOR OF TYUTCHEV IN OVSTUG. This is a whole adventure. Excursion combines a fascinating journey into the history of the estate, the life of the great Russian writer F. Tyutchev, the mysteries and legends of the magnificent manor, games, riddles, contests, puzzles walk through the alleys of the park. Also you are waited by the Pond with Swans and ducks where children can not only look but also feed animals. All excursion is in a format of fascinating quest.
  • 12-30 Lunch Razdolie
  • 14-00 Horseback riding "Horse farm"
  • 15-30 Manor Knyazhichi, editing of the footage
  • 17-00 Joint viewing of the final films + competition for the best one
  • 18-00 Departure to the railway station (Before the departure the tourists will be served lunch-boxes with dishes according to Bryansk recipes)

Recommended train for return to Moscow train No. 742 B, Bryansk - Moscow, departure at 19:10, arrival in Moscow at 23:15. Tourists buy train tickets on their own, for an additional fee.

  1. Target audience:

Children from 10 to 17 years old;

  1. Seasonality All-season excursion

  1. Tour itinerary duration:

3 3 days / 2 nights. The term of stay at the hotel for this tour - 2 days. Checkout time at the hotel is 12:00.

  1. Mode of transportation, transportation: Special buses for transporting children
  2. Localitiesroutes crossed by: Bryansk, Pogarsky district (production of Valenka), Unechsky district (Bryansk Podvorye), Starodubsky district (Ostrich Farm) Novozybsky district (Novozybkov + Zlynka)

  1. Route map :
  1. Safety on the routewith a group goes Tour Guide + Accompanying. We work with a transportation company that has a license to transport children. Before the trip buses pass technical inspection
  2. Clothing / equipment necessary for the passage of the route Need comfortable shoes and headgear (also raincoat or umbrella in case of rain)
  3. The cost of the tour and what is included in the cost of the tour


  • transport service on the program: tourist class bus (in case of a group of less than 24 people, a Tourist class minibus is provided);
  • accommodation 2 nights in the hotel Tsentralnaya;
  • food 2 breakfasts; 2 lunches; 2 dinners, 2 snacks
  • sightseeing program (including tickets to museums, quests, skating and master classes)
  • work of an accompanying person and guides.

The price does not include:

  • rail travel Moscow - Bryansk - Moscow.

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