We're here to help you get to know your body and mind in a colourful way, how they work, so you can stay healthy and happy. The Health Museum is small in form but big in content. We have 15 themed rooms and everything is set up so it doesn't take too long to get to know us. You can spend an hour or two in the museum in an interesting and useful way, and for the more serious visitor you can go into great depth.

You're welcome to visit the Health Museum on your own or with a friend, family, class, colleagues or other group. Our exhibitions are in Estonian, English and Russian. You can also book a guided tour, have a birthday party or a company party

The Estonian Health Museum is located in Tallinn's Old Town, in two medieval buildings that have undergone extensive renovation. The old buildings create a unique atmosphere and visitor environment.

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Guided tours

Aguided tour is a good way to get a guided overview of what the museum's themed rooms and exhibitions have to offer. A tour guide will make sure that you move around smoothly and have a memorable visit. We use a lot of artefacts (including moulages and embalming of real organs - plastinates). The tour guide knows how to point out the most exciting ones and convey interesting information in a coherent and engaging way. During the tour, we will take into account the interests of the group members and answer any questions that arise during the discussion. Our guides conduct tours in Estonian, Russian and English.

During thegeneral tour, the tour guide will accompany the group through the museum's themed rooms and exhibitions, sharing interesting facts and answering questions along the way. The general tour is quick and informative in nature and, due to time constraints, does not go into great depth. This makes it an ideal way to get to know a museum for the first time.

The thematic tour focuses on a topic or theme of most interest to the group (for example: evolution, the cell, pregnancy and childbirth, etc.). In this case, we only visit the exhibition rooms related to the theme. With sufficient notice, we will, if possible, draw up a personalised itinerary according to the wishes of the client.

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The Health Museum's podcast or pocket voice SÜNAPS mediates and connects stories about the human body, medical history and pop culture. Synapses will fire up with new episodes every week or two.

Exciting short stories are streamed on Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

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