Family therapy

there aren't many people who would like to live alone all their lives. In order to attain the perfect personal universe in this earthly life, the inner world of every human being aspires to another human existence. As we ourselves have been directly confronted with the challenges faced by HIV-positive people who create such private worlds, we have decided to pay particular attention to family relationships and to offer multifaceted support to couples in which one or both partners are HIV-positive. In order to achieve this, our community is ready to help you find the inner strength and freedom to make the right decisions and increase your own and your loved ones' sense of happiness. We are happy to offer you support and inspiration along the way, and to gently admonish you to be sensible when necessary!

Please call (+372) 56224076 (Natalia) or send an email to

The support service is provided free of charge, subject to the principles of confidentiality and anonymity. Our association is staffed by professionals with expertise in psychological, social and HIV-related issues.

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