How to properly promote online events?

For any event, it is necessary to gather an audience, but it is not always enough to write information on your website. You need to connect additional advertising tools and engage in promotion. An experienced marketer, of course, will cope with such a task and will most likely build a clear plan of tasks to promote the event. What promotion options will he use? Most likely the plan will be as follows:
before you start promoting online events on the Internet, you need to create a landing page or an advertising object, where the traffic will come. This "landing" can be a page on social networks, your own website, or a page with an event announcement. Do not forget that a high-quality website or account is responsible for the sale, which directs traffic from advertising on social networks. After creating one, you can start using the main promotion channels on the Internet.

This is a type of advertising that is shown to a specific segment of people. In this case, it is important to understand all the parameters for whom the advertisement is intended, who is the potential client of your event. Gender, age, marital status, geolocation, spoken language, target audience - all this matters. In this case, the target is a convenient tool for advertising on specific interests of people. The more information is collected, the greater the chance that the ad will reach the desired audience.

Social media marketing (or SMM for short)- is building communication with the audience through social networks. For successful marketing, it is necessary to analyze user activity, select relevant topics for content, as well as brand management. Social networks work on the principle of "smart feeds" - the algorithm determines how interesting the publication is to the audience, based on several factors. The more useful and interesting the community's content is for potential clients, the higher the likelihood that they will see the announcement of the event and become interested in it.
Factors that affect the popularity of posts:
• Duration of viewing
The longer the viewing time, the more interesting the publication for users - they do not scroll through the news, but stay on the post and read it.
• Activity among subscribers
The more comments below the posts, the better
• Unique content
Each social network is interested in unique content, first-hand materials, which is not found anywhere else.
The audience needs to be given interesting, useful and engaging content - so that they would like to repost it to their page, write a good comment, share the post with friends. Don't forget to reply to comments!

In popular groups on social networks, you can order a series of advertising posts. Provide a link to the event or to your page on the social network. Introduce yourself and start building relationships with potential clients. Of course, attract the audience in the groups in which your event will be interesting.

Traffic from sites can be directed to a landing page with an event announcement - using push notifications, pop-ups or banners. The main condition for the effectiveness of this method is high traffic to the site where your ad is placed. Evaluate how appropriate the advertising will be and will not irritate the site's audience, will not distract from the main content of the site. Otherwise, the site will have a high bounce rate - an indication that people are not satisfied with something and leave the resource.

Email newsletter is the sending of emails to a group of addressees. Usually, before the mailing, a subscriber base is collected using a page with a subscription form. To motivate users to leave an email address, you can use a lead magnet - for example, free useful content that comes to a person after they subscribe to an email.

Remember that you need systematic work with all promotion channels. The organizer often cannot pay proper attention to marketing - for this it is easier to find a company or an individual who will take over the promotion. Try different options and as a result, you will find those that best suit your needs in promoting an online event.