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  • The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Booth Planning for Exhibitors

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Booth Planning for Exhibitors

One of the main prerequisites for a successful online event presentation is proper planning of the virtual booth. To do this, it is necessary to use various technical capabilities of the platform, constantly change information and offers, as well as present yourself in various exhibition halls. In preparation, consider an individual approach to the creation of a stand in order to visually stand out from competitors. With the help of your stand, create an impression that will match your company's image.

Consider the content of your downloads depending on whether they are aimed at business partners or ordinary visitors.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to write promotional articles that have “powerful” content. In your article, post useful content that will bring more people to your stand. Be authoritative in your statements - everyone wants advice from a professional in their field!

Our Capabilities


  • Use personal account
  • Show Your Benefits
  • Assemble a stand from different modules
  • Participate in Special Offers
  • Set access levels for visitors
  • Display in News Feed
  • Create your own workshops, webinars, live broadcasts, conferences, etc. d. Conduct surveys
  • Get feedback
  • Exchange business cards
  • Monitor view statistics, file downloads and success metric


  • Authorization
  • Select interface language
  • Ask questions via chats (FB, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Viber, Skype etc.)
  • Make an appointment (online/offline)
  • Use direct sales ordering and booking systems< /span>
  • Access Paid Content
  • Set online/offline appointments

Technical capabilities


• text part, expert articles, photos, video and audio

• PDF materials

• 3D shooting, 3D models

• chat bot (virtual assistant)

• interviews with experts

• keyword search function

• section "Special offers"

• fast navigation

• giveaways

• vacancies

• "Frequently Asked Questions" contact details


• clicks on links (traffic)

• transitions from the contact details of the visit

• Special offers

• collection of contact information of visitors


• stand evaluation (for visitors)

• comments

• exchange of business cards

• appointment

• chat

• survey form

• function "share" geographic location (map)


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