How can you get the most out of your online event?

The forced transition to telecommuting forced the business to increase its online presence and adapt marketing tools to the new conditions.
Since, most likely, we will not see large offline events for a very long time, we decided to tell you how online events are useful for business and how to promote the company with their help.
It is not enough to simply go live on one of the platforms at your disposal. But how do you get the most out of participating or organizing an online event?

You just have to make sure that your company's participation in the event does not go unnoticed by your target audience, so you just need to take care of announcements in advance on all information platforms and marketing channels of the company: social networks, mailing lists, SMS notifications, targeted and contextual advertising - everything has to go into action if you want to be really heard. Also, do not forget to contact your colleagues at the event in advance and agree on mutual announcements and reposts on social networks.

As with a regular offline conference, you should be able to assess the effectiveness of participating in an online event. To do this, you need to create a separate tag for transactions from this event in the company's CRM system, connect this tag to the end-to-end analytics system and monitor the number of applications to the company after the conference on this tag, and also analyze how many of them will go to a successful sale. So, you will absolutely know whether the advertising and promotion costs paid off for your participation in this event.

When organizing an exhibition, it is important to understand that you are consolidating several large communities of people for each of the speakers. Thus, it is necessary to carefully select the composition of people speaking at the conference, to study their audience both in quantitative and qualitative indicators, to look at the media presence of the expert and his awareness of the stated topic of the speech, as well as the ability to present material in an interesting way. The cooler and more popular your speakers are, the more successful the event will be.