• Welcome to Estonia!

Welcome to Estonia!

Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe. With a population of just 1.3 million we are among the least densely populated countries in Europe. We speak our own language, Estonian language, but we are also fluent in English. Bordering with Baltic Sea, Estonia has over 2000 islands. Although most are uninhabited, Estonian islands tend to be rural, with some holding traces of their local Viking and medieval legacy. Estonia's UNESCO world heritage capital Tallinn is the best-preserved medieval city from 13th century in Northern Europe

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Estonians are proud of their untouched nature. More than half of the country is covered by forested land and almost a quarter is protected nature. Many species extinct in most other European countries can be still found in Estonia. Our country is rich of lakes. We have over 1400 lakes most of which are small and shallow. The largest, Lake Peipus, being 3,555 k㎡; it is the fifth largest lake in Europe, and also the largest trans-boundary lake in the whole continent. Perhaps the most astonishing is the small lake in island of Saaremaa, the 7500-7600 years ago a meteorite created Lake Kaali.

Estonians have a special connection to the outdoors. The characters who have deeply rooted into Estonian folklore reflect the former way of life and the fact that we still have plenty of pure nature around us. In Estonian wilderness we may imagine mythological creatures living even today, acting in an undisturbed manner and accompanying us everywhere. In the rivers, lakes and springs we still look for Charmers… To become more acquainted with Estonian nature and cultural inheritance, you can watch a short documentary: 

Estonia's White Nights 

June is the month of white nights, when you will have plenty of daylight – sun sets just before 11 p.m, and is already shining on the horizon around 4 a.m. Estonian nature shows its best sides in June – trees and flowers are in bloom, birds are nesting and butterflies fluttering everywhere. June is rich in simple things, but he who seeks can also find hidden mystery and magic. 
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