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Centre for Limnology

The history of the Centre for Limnology goes back to year 1954 when a small field station of the Estonian Academy of Sciences was established in an abandoned farmhouse on the eastern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. Now the Centre is part of the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The activity of the Centre can be divided into three directions:

  1. fundamental research in Estonian waterbodies
  2. teaching of students and post-graduate students in Tartu University since 1992 and in Estonian University of Life Sciences since 1999,
  3. applied research (state environmental monitoring, fish management, environment impact assessment, lake restoration, nature protection).

In the premises of the Centre is located Lake Museum. The aim of the museum's activities is to introduce visitors to the development of the lake and the species that live in it. Fish, aquatic plants and benthic animals and the smallest planktonic organisms in the Estonian lakes and rivers can be seen in aquariums. In terms of the inanimate part of the exposition, there are fishing gear (both older and more modern), display of primitive fish and fish fossils, and research equipment for water bodies. At the moment, the museum is hosting an Amazonian exhibition, featuring materials collected from our staff's Amazon expeditions.


Scientific Committee:

Dr. Anna Kuparinen, University of Jyväskylä          

Dr. Anu Noormaa, Estonian Research Council

Dr. Arvo Tuvikene, Estonian University of Life Sciences   

Dr. Erik Jeppesen, Aarhus University

Dr. José Luiz Attayde, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

Dr. Luc De Meester, IGB Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries   

Dr. Mariana Meerhof, University of the Republic (UdelaR).

Dr. Mark J McCarthy, Wright State University

Dr. Meredith Holgerson, Cornell University 

Dr. Sandra Brucet Balmaña, University of Vic

Dr. Thad Scott, Baylor University

Dr. Thomas Weisse, Universität Innsbruck   

Dr. Tiina Nõges, Estonian University of Life Sciences        

Dr. Torben Linding Lauridsen, Aarhus University

Organising Committee (Estonian University of Life Sciences)

Dr. Priit Zingel

Dr. Helen Agasild

Dr. Lea Tuvikene

Dr. Arvo Tuvikene

Dr. Tiina Nõges

Dr. Ilmar Tõnno

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