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Online trainings and workshops are increasingly replacing conventional "live" training events due to their advantages. Online trainings and workshops are highly effective, less costly in financial and organizational terms. In addition, the specifics of conducting online events allows you to train people who are in different cities and even countries together.

Involve participants from all over the world

What is online training and workshop

Online training is a way of learning that allows you to gain new knowledge and skills remotely. At the same time, all participants of the online training are fully involved in the learning process. They become a group that trains to solve various problems that are potentially possible in real life.

The leader of the training is a specialist in his field with the appropriate education and certificates. This can be either an internal trainer of the organization or an employee of the training center.

Workshops are a type of online learning in which participants gain practical skills in a specific area. Workshops allow you to intensify the learning process (all acquired skills are immediately applied in practice), save time by combining theory and practice in one lesson, and allow you to use all the benefits of networking (group interaction of participants with each other and with the teacher).

Platform features for the organizer of an online training or workshop

Event landing page

Distributable presentation and information materials

Web chat facility

Integration with Youtube and Vimeo

Simple access levels

Simple event analytics

For organiser
  • setting up a schedule
  • setting up parallel sessions
  • introducing speakers
  • highlighting VIPs and sponsors
  • use of pre-recorded videos
  • performance recording options
  • creation and placement of content
  • multilingual user interface
  • use of a multilingual translation tool
  • creation of access levels
For sponsor and exhibitor
  • a user account for the participant to design the virtual area
  • ready-made solutions for the participant to design the virtual area
  • distribution of special offers and information material
  • authorising visitors
  • monitoring and analysis of virtual area statistics
  • enabling networking
  • using of different communication channels
  • use of payment solutions
  • guidance materials for virtual area design
For visitors
  • convenient access from all devices
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • integrated communication channels such as Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, Skype
  • calendar appointments
  • registration reminders and newsletters
  • access to sponsor offers
  • collection of personalised information basket


We have extensive experience working with online events, which we use to support our platform customers. Our content managers can assist with editing or filling out online training or workshop content pages to get your event up and running faster. Correctly crafted texts will gain more popularity in search engines. Our advertising specialists can bring your event to visitors from different countries. We can also share information about your event on social media, if required.

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