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Trade fairs bring together manufacturers and distributors to showcase new products and services, and visitors to take advantage of presentations and offers. B2B trade fairs aim to establish contacts with potential customers or partners and create opportunities for further interaction. The online platform adds further opportunities for audience engagement and communication and allows the event to be removed from geographical and time constraints.

A powerful platform that takes into account the specificities of the trade fair sector

Algorithm for introducing exhibitors and highlighting important exhibits

Networking and meetings, different communication channels and workshops

Event-based configuration options, use of filters and creation of virtual rooms

High return on investment or ROI. Visitors and exhibitors from all over the world

Analysis of visitor and participant activity.
Leaderboards for visits and likes

Expo organiser opportunities
  • long-term event accommodation
  • setting up a multilingual interface
  • using a multilingual translation tool
  • setting up the event page
  • setting up exhibition categories and rooms
  • setting up exhibitor and sponsor area at different price levels
  • highlighting VIP exhibitors and sponsors
  • special section for popular stands
  • special section for the most visited stands
  • special section for trade fair offers
  • a special section for displaying the news flow from the fair
  • setting up the conference area and speakers
  • setting up registration forms
  • use of branded promotional games
  • visitor authorisation
  • creating access levels to the event
  • collecting visitor activity statistics
  • monitoring and analysing event statistics
  • collecting visitor ratings
Exhibitor opportunities
  • setting up a multilingual interface
  • using the multilingual translation tool
  • user account for a participant to design an virtual area
  • off-the-shelf solutions for virtual area design
  • distribution of special offers and information material (price lists, coupons, certificates, etc.)
  • video presentations and demonstrations
  • interactive activities
  • use of branded promotional games
  • visitor authorisation
  • setting up different communication channels
  • enabling networking
  • setting up and organising meetings
  • exchanging business cards with participants
  • conducting surveys
  • using payment solutions
  • monitoring and analysing virtual area statistics
  • guidance materials for virtual area design
Visitor facilities
  • convenient access from all devices
  • multilingual user interface
  • the possibility to use a mobile app
  • use of integrated communication channels such as Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber
  • booking meetings with participants
  • exchange of business cards with participants
  • queries to exhibitors
  • asking questions to speakers
  • sending reminders and subscriptions to newsletters
  • access to fair offers
  • collection of personalised information basket
  • access to downloadable material


  • preparation of the fair catalogue
  • various on-site interactive and engaging activities
  • on-site navigation with iBeacon module
  • creation of location-based tours or walks for delegates and exhibitors

Access and ticket control:

  • setting up registration forms
  • QR-based access control and distribution to lists
  • manual access control
  • setting up on-the-spot printing of participants' badges or collars


We have a long track record of working with online events, which we use to support our platform customers. Our content managers can help with editing or filling out web conference content pages to get your event up and running faster. Correctly crafted texts will gain more popularity in search engines. Our advertising specialists can bring your event to visitors from different countries. We can also share information about your event on social media, if required.


Livia Laas
Livia Laas
Livia Laas

Thanks to OnlineExpo, we were able to organise the fair simultaneously in several languages for visitors from different countries. Those companies that were unable to come to the physical exhibition placed their stands on the platform and ensured their presence.

Andrey Sheko
Andrey Sheko
Andrey Sheko

Thanks to OnlineExpo, we were able to organise the fair simultaneously in several languages for visitors from different countries. Those companies that were unable to come to the physical exhibition placed their stands on the platform and ensured their presence.

Alexander Starikov
Alexander Starikov
Alexander Starikov

We were very happy with the Onlineexpo team. The managers offered us support before and during the event. Training was provided for customers. The platform allowed educational institutions to post interesting content and to take virtual tours.

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