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Color Life is a creative workshop-studio that is a far cry from countless copies of the assembly line. It's here that you'll find what you've been looking for - exclusive designer furniture, decorative objects and lighting that will accentuate your interior, transforming it into an individual whole. All products are handcrafted by our master craftsmen with soul and love.

We work with both private and corporate clients. We create unique designer furniture, decor items and designer lighting. Experienced designer Natalia Eljas will help you to create an original interior that will harmoniously match our furniture and make your home a cosy nest.
ColorLife pays great attention to the smallest detail.

Every piece of furniture we make is perfect.
We make furniture that has all the values of good furniture.
Our unique design, thoughtful ergonomics and functionality molded from high quality materials create the ultimate in great furniture.
Respecting and adhering to our core values, Color Life Studio creates furniture with soul. Here, furniture is created that creates an emotional bond, that adds value to a space and that is designed to last.

We have chosen wood as the basic material because furniture made of wood carries its own story and soul.
Color Life furniture uses a maximum of wood ( solid wood frame, armrests, legs ) and a minimum of other essential ( high wear fabrics, zig-zag steel springs, HR. porolone ) high quality materials.

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