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Konto Ltd. is a wholly Finnish-owned company with production in Finland. It manufactures mainly laminated, laminated sheet and moulded products from Finnish natural fibres. The products are mainly used for acoustic purposes.

Research and development is at the heart of our company. Our activities are based on strong product development know-how and a tested and patented production process. Account products offer an ecological, non-toxic, organic and high quality range for different end uses.

Our company values ecological thinking throughout the entire process, from product development to manufacturing and end-use. We also value high quality and good customer service to ensure a successful end-use experience. At Konto OÜ, we aim to develop new ecological products for acoustics and design, combining the best qualities of natural fibres to create exciting new products.

The name of our company "Konto" is a local word for peat. In our hometown of Karvia, people have been going to the bogs for centuries to harvest "Kont". So the word "Konto" represents both our local roots and the peat oak, our main raw material.

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Our acoustic solutions for the Cornerstone broadcast


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Ylä-Satakunnantie 20 39930 Karvia FINLAND