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Konto OY │ Acoustic solutions

Konto Ltd. is a wholly Finnish-owned company with production in Finland. It manufactures mainly laminated, laminated sheet and moulded products from Finnish natural fibres. The products are mainly used for acoustic purposes.

Research and development is at the heart of our company. Our activities are based on strong product development know-how and a tested and patented production process. Account products offer an ecological, non-toxic, organic and high quality range for different end uses.

Harmtex Design OÜ │ Curtain Salon

Harmtex manufactures textile curtains and sells all kinds of window coverings, curtain woods and fabrics and other curtain accessories in its showrooms. In addition to products, we also offer curtain design, measuring and installation services.

The Harmtex team attaches the utmost importance to product quality and customer satisfaction satisfaction, that is why we do our utmost to make sure that the curtains will be excellent and a pleasure to the eyes for years to come.

Büroomööbli Keskus

Büroomöbli Keskus OÜ is a company based on Estonian capital, established in 2003. We offer complete solutions from furniture and design planning to fast and accurate installation of ordered furniture by a skilled installation team.

We offer a wide range of office furniture products - we represent the office furniture manufacturers Narbutas, Nowy Styl Group, Scan Sorlie, Dauphin in Estonia, as well as several other major European manufacturers.

SoSlow-by buffer bag │ Bag chairs

SAME SOFTNESS, DIFFERENT NAME. "Pusku Pusku" is now "Slowdown". Since 2008 we have been producing interesting and different bag towels, creating new trends in the field. We are guided by the philosophy that being happy doesn't require a big change or investment, because we believe that there are things to enjoy in everyone's life!

Häcker │ Kitchen furniture

Häcker's stage will also be at the Interjöör this year! Come and discover our possibilities!

Mr. Friedrich Häcker founded in 1938. Friedrich Häcker founded Häcker in 1938 in Germany, where he started the production of kitchen furniture. From the carpenter's workshop, 3 modern kitchen furniture production plants have developed, run by the Häcker family. From father to son! The furniture is sold in 51 countries and hundreds of custom-made kitchens are produced every day. The Häcker name is known for its reliability and its ability to meet deadlines.

Nerostein OÜ │ Work surfaces

Nerostein is one of Scandinavia's largest manufacturers of stone worktops. At Nerostein, we believe that stone is by far the best material for kitchen worktops, be it natural stone, quartz or ceramic. In our range, everyone will find the right stone with the right pattern, colour and characteristics. In addition to stone worktop manufacturing, we also offer a measuring and installation service that makes the whole process extremely convenient for you. All you have to do is choose the stone that suits you best and leave the rest to us.

Decoland OÜ │ Home appliances

Exclusive technology and design for your home
Innovative and ergonomic kitchen equipment solutions
We help you enjoy working in the kitchen at a professional level
We offer a personalised approach and advice tailored to your project
High quality aftercare
We work with the best furniture manufacturers, designers and interior architects in the industry

Avaeksperdid OÜ │ Window covering solutions

Our main strength is our experience. And we don't call it experience if you learn the techniques in a few months, but decades of experience in the field. We are very proud that 80% of our staff are experts with a wealth of experience who know what to recommend to our clients. Although Key Experts was founded ten years ago, we have people who have been in the window coverings business for several decades.


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