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A home is more than just four walls and a roof - it's a place to draw strength and bright ideas. Who wouldn't want a home like that? Interior trends change with the times and it often tends to be the case that the new is the old forgotten.

There is an interior designer in every one of us, but sometimes there is a lack of ideas and thoughts about how and what to do, what colours to choose, what furniture to buy, etc. It's all too often the case that the old and the new are just too old. Spring is just the right time to breathe new life into your home. Often we have been thinking for a while that we would like something different because the old has had its day.

Where can we find distinctive solutions and ideas that work? Interjöör brings together the most thoughtful and clever solutions under one roof - sure to give you the ideas you need for even the most complex home design situations

Over 145 different companies are taking part in the fair, offering good, high-quality furniture for living rooms, kitchens, children's rooms and bedrooms. There will be a range of design and lighting solutions, as well as wall and floor coverings. There will also be fine textiles and window coverings, a range of accessories for the home, garden and office, and much more.

You will find inspiring ideas, the latest trends in interior and exterior design, useful contacts and dealers.

This year's Interior Design Fair will take place both indoors and, for the first time, in a virtual environment.

Interior Decoration Fair Interjöör 2022 will take place from 22.04 - 24.04.2022 at the Estonian Exhibition Centre and can also be accessed virtually in the same environment!

See you at the fair 2023!

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The fair is now open at the Exhibition Centre - welcome to the fair!

The fair will feature

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Buying a new home or finding ideas for updating an existing one is already tiring and time-consuming. There are just so many different trends and ideas out there. In the end, it's easy to give up in all this information overload. To make your search for information a little easier, we've gathered together the stands of all the Interjöör 2022 participants in this hall.

Design fair

The Interior Fair will once again feature a design fair, bringing together some of the best known and lesser-known designers. The Design Fair is aimed primarily at smaller and niche companies, so that they too can increase their visibility to a wider consumer audience. Visitors to the fair will thus have access to a much larger and more innovative range of products.

Designers, artists, do-it-yourselfers and design merchants will be presenting and selling their products at the Design Fair. The range of products on offer at the Design Fair is diverse and distinctive, with both established names and start-ups.

Stylish home

In this hall you will find an overview of new materials, ideas for decorating and designing your home, displays from textile, lighting and furniture companies, and tips on cleaning, recycling and making your home more cosy.

If you're thinking of updating your interior design, you'll find some great ideas here.

Estonian Country Home

Estonian country homes at Interjöör. Estonian country houses on show, in collaboration with Madis Liplap, interior designer of the Käsmu country house, Anne Jaanus, interior designer of the Young Family country house..

To visualise the interiors of country homes, show homes have been built. A room is a concept and does not claim to be a complete solution or a room program. It does, however, allow for in-depth visual and tactical reflection when creating your own country home interior concept. 

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