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The visual environment around us shapes and supports us. We acquire 90% of our information through our eyes. What we see and look at influences our feelings, thoughts and actions.

As an artist, I work with imagery that should inspire the viewer. Textiles have always been an integral part of interior design. My work combines professional silk painting with innovative technology.

Painted and printed fabrics are suitable for panel curtains, blinds, wall textiles, furniture coverings, etc. All printed fabrics are lightfast and colourfast. The fabrics will not fade or become brittle even under intense sunlight.


Panel curtains are a creative solution for interiors with large windows. The panels, which fall down sharply, show their vision towards the room and can influence the overall mood of the interior. Panels can also be used as room dividers or wardrobes.

A panel curtain consists of a mechanism that supports the panels and a series of panels attached to it, one behind the other. The height and number of panels is determined by the size of the window and wall. The sides of the panel curtain are louvered, with the top edge with a tack strip and the bottom edge with a weight strip. Can be made to order for existing panel curtain rails. The price of the panel curtain depends on the fabric and dimensions chosen. The construction of the slats is not included in the price.


Roller blinds are a very practical solution for the window. A well chosen blind is also a great design element in a room

Available in satin 115 fabric only, or semi-dark velour for smaller windows. The edges of the roller blind are cut, with a tunnel at the bottom with a strip. The roller blind can be glued to an already existing roller blind or ordered with a structure (structure not included in the fabric price). Manufactured according to the customer's dimensions.


Wall textiles are a design element of the interior. Even in very minimalist interiors, visual magic is necessary to create an identity of "place". Wall textiles have several advantages: they are flexible in size, easy to install and, when replaced, do not require large storage spaces. It can be ordered in a size to suit the wall surface. The sides of the wallcovering are panelled, with wooden rounded strips at the top and bottom, and a rounded strip at the top is fitted with eyebolts.


For the first time, I will be exhibiting full silk painted scarves and flags. Spring is the time to wear silk scarves! A natural and skin-friendly material that I've given a unique look with brush and paint.

My painted silk scarves and towels are colourfast and washable. The silk does not like machine washing or twisting, excess water is removed by squeezing. Ironing is always done at the temperature of the cotton.


Bags that tell a story. A shopping bag should be large, durable and washable. The front of the bag with the message should have a picture, and the handles and sides should be in a matching colour or black fabric. Machine wash at 40°. Finished dimensions of the bag are 45 x 36 x 10,5 cm, with a handle 2,5 x 40 cm.

How did I get here?

I have always enjoyed what I do. Working as a lecturer at Tallinn University of Technology, creating series for Estonian Radio (O tempora, o mores) and dancing.

But my love of life, my hobby and my work, has been silk painting. In the studio I have spent 12 950 days, consumed 580 litres of paint, 285 brushes, 11 520 metres of silk, drunk 69 350 cups of coffee and covered an unknown number of kilometres.

Why am I doing this?

I try to create a whole with brush and paint, which is about moments and feelings of being alive and understanding the world. The process of painting itself is a way of being. I am confident that if I paint the way I feel, the energy of the work will not be lost and the viewer will be part of it.

How do I do it?

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