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Filtered pillows, blankets, mattresses; pet mats - water, stain and odour resistant, clean with a damp cloth. Suitable for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, babies, the elderly and users who simply love cleanliness. An Estonian product. Globally recognised and clinically proven. Comfortable and environmentally friendly. A new, revolutionary innovation in the textile industry.

  • a completely new and unique approach to the sleeping environment.
  • absolutely hypoallergenic and dirt-free, cleaning with playful ease
  • clinically and microbiologically proven barrier to viruses and pathogens, indispensable in medicine.

The secret of quality sleep lies in the best sleep components. The well-known tricks to a good night's sleep are active movement, a regular circadian rhythm, a healthy diet, but also a clean, cool and dark bedroom.

Promote your long and deep sleep with a pillow that supports your sleeping position and is easy to clean. A dirty, dusty, smelly pillow can ruin colourful dreams. MUUNI's silk pillowcase, antibacterial and breathable by nature, pairs perfectly with the SleepAngel pillow to form the perfect combo. It's a combo every princess and prince will sleep with.

We have a good surprise for all the visitors of the Furnishing Fair. Every guest can win a great combo at the fair!

Are you a royal or a conscious sleeper? Decide for yourself and step through SleepAngel and MUUNI booth C-27A to take part in the raffle. The prize is the very same great combo - a SleepAngel pillow with a silk pillowcase!

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Valukoja 7/1, ÖÖD maja, Tallinn 11415


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Valukoja 7/1, ÖÖD maja, Tallinn 11415