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SITEKS - a leader in balcony glazing solutions in Lithuania, founded in 2005. The company specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of various balcony glazing structures. Our main goal is to ensure the highest quality of products and services. By cooperating with both individual clients and large construction companies, we believe that our services contribute to improving the quality of life in every home.

Our main uniqueness - professionalism and reliability. During more than ten years of operation, we have gained experience that allows us to make innovative design decisions. Our specialists constantly follow the latest trends in the field of construction and apply them in Lithuania. Therefore, we offer our customers not only modern products, but also professional service services: individual design solutions, high-quality product installation, flexible work organization.

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V.Sirokomlės g. 34, Nemėžis, Vilniaus r. sav. Lietuva


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V.Sirokomlės g. 34, Nemėžis, Vilniaus r. sav. Lietuva