Stand : D-11

The sauna has become an important place in our everyday lives to relax after a stressful day at work or a tiring workout, and it has also become a place to socialise with friends and family.

The best way to relieve muscular tension and relax is to sit in a comfortable, supportive position.

After all, spending time and relaxing in a sauna should be as enjoyable as sitting in a comfortable seat in a restaurant enjoying the company and the delights prepared by the chef.

A bench on which you would like to rest for a longer period of time should be comfortable and supportive for the whole body

We've developed a solution - ergonomic sauna benches on which you can comfortably let your body loose and relax as comfortably as you would on an armchair or sofa in the living room.

In your own home sauna, you can relax and enjoy yourself just as much as you would in a spa, where ergonomic sauna tables are often used.

The comfortable full-back support provides even support for the upper body, reducing strain and stress on the lower body for maximum relaxation and enjoyment.


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