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Nelissen Estonia is the exclusive representative of the Belgian Nelissen factory in Estonia. Nelissen products are sold in Estonia since 2005. Our products include high quality ecological 100% clay bricks, brick tiles, semi-circular and special size bricks, corner tiles and jointing mixes.

Nelissen products are sold throughout Europe, Russia and Japan. The Nelissen factory was founded in 1921 in Belgium. The factory has its own clay quarries from which red, yellow, pink and grey clay has been extracted for over 90 years. With its modern, fully automated and computer-controlled kilns, dryers, storage and packing equipment, the factory has become a major player in the European market. Annual production exceeds 150 million bricks.

The success of the plant is due to its location, the excellent quality of the materials and constant quality control, its long-standing expertise and the use of the latest technologies. For example, the firing process is crucial as it determines the quality of the bricks. Nelissen uses fully automated kilns. The firing of 1 brick alone takes 3 days in the kiln. Nelissen is committed to product quality. All products carry the Benor mark according to NBN B23-002 for non-freezing under extreme conditions. in 1997, Nelissen's quality assurance system was approved to the NBN EN ISO 9002 standard.

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A.H. Tammsaare pst. 42, 80016 Pärnu, Eesti


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A.H. Tammsaare pst. 42, 80016 Pärnu, Eesti