QR Game Phases and Features


  • Registration and Instruction: Participants register for the event and promptly receive guidelines on utilizing the QR codes. These instructions are available through a dedicated QR code or a link to the automatically generated game.
  • Scanning QR Codes: Participants scan QR codes strategically placed across the event's various zones or locations. These codes are affixed to signs, booths, objects, or any preferred spots the organizers select.
  • Tasks and Activity Fulfillment: Upon scanning a QR code, participants gain access to tasks or activities tied to specific spots or items. Challenges can encompass puzzles, quizzes, physical feats, hidden discoveries, and more. Participants either vie against each other or collaborate in teams, striving to fulfill tasks, amass maximum scores, or achieve specific objectives.
  • Prizes and Incentives: Depending on event logistics, participants may garner points or rewards for accomplishing tasks and attaining particular outcomes. As the event concludes, victors may be announced or accolades distributed to the highest achievers.
  • Interaction and Teamwork: QR games often integrate interactive and cooperative facets. Participants might partake in collective problem-solving, knowledge-sharing, or mutual assistance in task completion. This serves to cultivate team camaraderie and reinforce connections among participants.


  • Monitor Game Duration: Monitor the time taken for game completion.
  • Set Time Constraints: Impose time limits for game accomplishment.
  • Gather Participant Details: Collect contact information from participants.
  • Allocate Task Points: Assign points for accomplished tasks (each task can carry distinct point values).
  • Employ a Virtual Map: Display QR codes on a virtual map or offer participants hints regarding the next QR code's location at task culmination.
  • Facilitate Social Sharing: Allow participants to share their game achievements on social media.
  • Incorporate Advertising: Integrate advertising into the game experience.