The regular practice of face yoga has been proven to defend against aging, improve the structure and quality of the skin, and prevent it from sagging. Facial muscles are not at all different from the rest of the body’s muscles. There are over 50 different muscles in the face, not all of which are used on a daily basis. Muscle passivity loosens the skin, leading to premature aging. As facial aging is due, in part, to a loss of muscle tone, committing to a facial yoga routine can make your entire face stronger, with a more youthful appearance.

Remember that no one is too young or old for facial yoga and that gender is not a factor.


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Face yoga sample

Before training the facial muscles, your face should be cleansed and a moisturizing ointment or face balm should be applied.

Your face should not be affected by marketing, creams or painful procedures. We know you've tried all the creams, serums and treatments and still don't see any lasting change. Although they may seem like a quick fix, it has been scientifically proven that creams and serums cannot eliminate our aging process. However, consistent training can create the result you want!

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