Career counselling

Discover yourself and your potential!

Take part in career counselling if you want:

  • discover suitable job opportunities and think about your suitability for the job you want;
  • learn about your skills and knowledge to keep up with changes in the world of work;
  • consider the options for moving into learning and how to balance time between work and learning;
  • find new opportunities if, for whatever reason, you can no longer work in your old job;
  • set goals and an action plan to achieve your career dreams.

You can choose whether you want to talk to a career counsellor by phone or online. The online meeting will take place in a Microsoft Teams environment, and a camera and microphone are essential. Once you have registered, we will also send you an email notification. You can register up to one hour before the service starts.

You can book an appointment with a career specialist from 04.04.2023. Want a reminder? Then subscribe to the virtual reminder to be the first to know about events at the fair.

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