Opening on September 28 2021

Work and Career fair, Autumn 2021

Welcome to virtual work and career fair!

At the fair you can:

  • view job offers and communicate with employers
  • participate in career counselling or interview simulation
  • participate in workshops or a career seminar from 28-29.09
  • get feedback on your first impression from artificial intelligence
  • play different games and win prizes!

Blue menu bar helps you navigate at the fair and you will discover a lot of exciting things by scrolling down the page!

We wish you exciting discoveries!






Discover yourself with artificial intelligence!

What first impression do you make of yourself at the job interview? We will introduce you to artificial intelligence that, based on the recorded video, will provide feedback on what character traits, current emotions and word usage are noticeable with you. You can record the video with either a phone or computer camera, and neither the time of day nor your location mattersThe solution is GDPR compliant and all the data is stored at the secured servers. The data is processed in a secured and anonymous way and is not shared with anyone. You can learn more about the iVCV privacy policy here. You can get the results to your email address with the recorded video in a few minutes!

With the results, you can get to know yourself better and participate more confidently in future interviews, thereby being more competitive in the labour market! Artificial intelligence has been developed by iVCV. 

Discuss your career opportunities

You feel like you're at the crossroads of your career choices? We're here for you to make confident career choices. There are no restrictions on the use of career services of the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and they are free of charge for everyone. Career services are intended for all applicants: students, young people, jobseekers, workers, parents, retirement age.

Practical information

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