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Prepare for a interview

Get useful advice and feedback from a career specialist!

How do I introduce myself at a job interview? What are the interview questions? What should I ask myself? The 45-minute online meeting will answer all these questions. You can practise the interview process safely online with our career specialist. At the end of the interview, he or she will give you feedback on what you should pay attention to, as well as suggestions on how to shine at your next job interview! As a result of the practice

  • reduce interview stress;
  • know what the interview is about and what questions you might be asked;
  • discover your strengths and development opportunities;
  • gain confidence for the next interview.

The meeting will take place online, in a Microsoft Teams environment, and a camera and microphone are essential. Once you have registered, we will also send you an email notification. You can register up to one hour before the service starts.

If you can no longer find time to meet a career specialist at a Job and Career Fair, feel free to contact your county Unemployment Insurance Fund office and make an appointment face-to-face or online.

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