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Why get into vending?

In Russia, the vending business is still developing and has a rich potential. There is no doubt that vending business nowadays deserves attention.That is why we have tried to collect and combine the maximum number of advantages for those, who think of building business with the help of vending machines, which, both now and in the nearest future, will not lose relevance.

So, to enumerate

High profitability, about this say almost all in one voice. In this case the payback rate can be different, depending on the investment and the number of machines, but still in the future, given the right circumstances, profitability is high

Autonomy of vending machines and there is no need to keep a whole staff. As a consequence, there is a significant saving of time in negotiations with employees, the establishment of corporate relations and processes, also saving on salaries. The elimination of the human factor from the smooth operation of vending machines is difficult to overestimate for an entrepreneur: machines never change their mood, and, after all, they never go on maternity leave!

The vending machine market is constantly improving. Of course, in Russia there is not yet the same variety of proposals as in the American and European markets, and even more so in Japan, but this shortcoming also means that positive experience of other countries in this business provides good potential options for moving forward. New models are constantly appearing on the world market, new technologies simplify and optimize the use of modern vending machines, make them more in-demand and understandable in operation. All these trends are potentially attractive for the Russian market of vending machines

There is an endless and infinite number of creative ideas with which to create and develop a vending business. In the end, everything depends only on the entrepreneur's imagination and start-up capital.

If you think carefully and analyze the daily human life, you can certainly come to the conclusion that the vending machines can be in demand in almost any field of business. The basic idea behind vending is universal - contactless and automated sales of everything. Therefore, vending devices will be useful and in demand in many areas of life

  • In congested areas without nearby cafeterias and canteens, the classic vending machines for takeaway food, sandwiches, snacks, hot and cold drinks are a must
  • ready-to-eat solutions are also suitable for a wide range of environments, such as buses and long-distance trains, bus terminals and airports, cinemas and theatres, even hospital entrance halls
  • toy vending machines, photo-vending machines and candy, cotton candy and ice-cream vending machines will be in demand at any children's event, amusement park, zoo and, of course, in commercial centers
  • For trade and office complexes, for specialized stores also suit different variants of vending machines: machines selling fresh press and different thematic magazines, massage chairs, machines selling first necessity goods as well as specialized goods (for instance, in a shoe store vending machine may sell footwear care products, give detailed instructions and advice on use of different products. In cosmetics stores you can sell through the machines some cosmetics, combs, beautifully decorated mini-mirrors and so on, by the list of your imagination). A pharmacy can have a useful vending machine and, for example, sell over-the-counter medicines around the clock when the regular pharmacy is closed.

Relatively fast payback in comparison with traditional shops, cafes and restaurants, especially if the location of the machine is well chosen.

No budget for additional promotional consumables and promotional campaigns.

A vending machine with a ready-made product is already a promoter and publicist in its own right.

No need to be constantly present in one place and control the current business processes, no need to constantly deal with the current affairs associated with the business. Lack of daily regular schedule, the relative freedom in choosing the service hours of vending machines

A wide range of vending machines themselves and a variety of locations.

accumulated capital of trust.

The confidence in vending machines is growing; vending machines are part of everyday life and people use them extensively

The current financial accounting is very clear and straightforward for the accounting department.

Possibility to use the vending machines round the clock

Possibility to combine this type of business activity with other business activities, as vending machines do not require constant presence on site.

Relatively small starting capital for setting up a vending business.

Many experts write about 100-250 t. p. Possibility to buy used vending machines at a more attractive price compared to new ones.

No need to rent large areas.

Affordable price of goods for the final consumer.

Since products are dispensed without intermediaries and overpayments for expensive rent, the price for the goods offered by the vending machines can be significantly cheaper than the price for the same product in the store. Accordingly, given the competitive cost of goods and services, and given the fact that, in general, people tend to save wisely, it can be concluded that there will always be demand for goods from vending machines at bargain prices

In comparison with other forms of business vending is quite mobile and more stable to the crisis phenomena in the market.

For example, in a pandemic, food and beverage vending machines could continue to operate normally around the clock.

Finally, convenient and accessible service is always a good option, and vending machines just offer the consumer convenience in use and availability in any place.

Every business idea has enormous potential to grow and generate good profits, but also may face the risk of unexpected financial losses or even the extinction of a particular business niche. Each beginning entrepreneur initially chooses a direction, which best corresponds to his/her possibilities, resources and preferences.Vending business offers a number of definite advantages in comparison with other, more "classical" variants of trade and service selling. Exactly these indisputable advantages, about which we told in this article, are the answer to the question "Why should you get involved in vending?".

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