Talivenda" company is a manufacturer of wooden stirrers for HoReCa and vending from ecologically clean region - the Republic of Mari El.

Our goal is to keep the world clean and healthy by protecting it from the harmful effects of plastic. That is why we make our products from wood. "Talivenda" has an international FSC certificate, which means that the wood for stirrers is produced by methods that do not lead to the depletion of natural resources and do not harm the forest.





Advantages of ecological stirrers for vending and prospects for cooperation

Elena Berezina

Head of the development department of Talivenda.

Report topic: Advantages of ecological stirrers for vending and cooperation prospects

Talivenda company is a producer of the wooden stirrers from the ecologically clean region of Russia - the Republic of Mari El.

"Talivenda" has established itself as a manufacturer of high quality products: products are made from birch wood, have no extraneous taste and smell, thoroughly ground on the latest equipment to avoid burrs and chips.

About Talivenda

Talivenda stirrers are supplied in individual paper packaging, which ensures that each stick is hygienic. The products are made from eco-friendly and environmentally friendly raw materials, which will emphasize the care not only for your customers, but also for the environment.

Our advantages

✔️ Environmentally friendly

We are convinced of the responsibility of suppliers of wood that use technology that does not harm the forests.

✔️ Quality

The products are checked for chipping, splintering and brittleness at all stages of the production process.

✔️ Price

We constantly monitor the market trends and keep the price at the market level.

Why the catering industry chooses Talivenda products

Coffee shops and cafes choose our stirrers because we deliver products in convenient packaging, just in time and strictly control the quality of products. The stirrers are made of birch wood from responsible suppliers, and modern equipment almost completely eliminates cracks and chips.

Unlike plastic spoons and stirrers, wood ensures that there are no foreign flavors or toxic impurities in the coffee. Wood is also much safer for the environment than plastic.

Modern production and quality control

Talivenda brand products are manufactured with due consideration of all safety requirements and undergo several stages of quality control.

We control everything: from raw materials to final packaging and shipment to customers. Industrial equipment avoids most types of defects - splinters, splinters and brittleness - but quality specialists additionally, manually check the quality of products.

We have been able to achieve impressive results and are confident in the products. All stirrers from "Talivenda" are certified according to Russian and international standards.

Photos from production

Wooden stirrer individually wrapped 180 mm.

Wooden stirrer measuring 180x6x1,8 mm. in an individual package is suitable for large glasses with hot drinks. They are not only convenient, but also practical - stirrers do not add extraneous tastes and smells to the drink, and the material is tactile pleasant and adds details to the coziness of your establishment. There are 250 stirrers in a pack.

Wooden stirrer individually wrapped 140 mm.

The 140x6x1,8 mm wood stirrer in an individual package is ideal for catering establishments and coffee shops that make coffee to go. Each stirrer is made on modern equipment from ecologically pure birch wood from responsible suppliers. In the production of wood, all conditions are respected so as not to cause any harm to the forest. There are 250 stirrers in a pack.

Wooden stirrer 125 mm.

Wooden stirrers measuring 125x9.6x1.5 mm will be a great solution for vending machines. They are smooth and even, allowing the vending machine to dispense sticks with every cup of coffee. Stirrers in a pack of 3000 pieces.

Wooden stirrer 115 mm.

The 115x9.6x1.5 mm wooden stirrers are made from natural raw materials without any chemical treatment. Thanks to this we guarantee that there are no harmful impurities in the coffee when the stick comes into contact with the beverage. In this way, they are suitable for both hot and cold drinks. There are 3,000 stirrers in a pack.

Wooden stirrer 105 mm.

Wooden stirrers measuring 105x9.6x1.5 mm are made of high-quality birch veneer which, unlike other types of wood, does not give off any distinct wood smell. Therefore, you will feel the aroma of the beverage in a cup with coffee. There are 3,000 stirrers in a pack.

Wooden stirrer 90 mm.

Wooden stirrers measuring 90x9,6x1,5 mm are produced on modern specialized equipment, thanks to which they meet high requirements and strict standards. The stirrer cassettes are suitable for all vending machines. Stirrers in a package of 3000 pieces.

The cassettes are suitable for all models of vending machines such as Necta, Jofemar, Saeco, Bianchi, Unicum, Rheavendors, etc.

entire product range in catalogue

TV program about our company

About the exporting company from Mari El! This time it is a story about wooden chopsticks. Talivenda company produces wooden coffee sticks, ice cream sticks and spoons, medical depressors and cosmetology spatulas. Read more in the program "Made in Mari El".

Talivenda company won the national award ECOTECH LEADER 2021.

The award ceremony took place in the ART.TECHNOGRAD educational complex in Moscow. The Organizing Committee received over a hundred applications from 50 regions of Russia. The Republic of Mari El was represented by the company Talivenda, which became a winner in the nomination "Ensuring Supply Sustainability" for the technology of disposable stirrers production!

The company "Talivenda" presented the project on production of stirrers according to the requirements of FSC certification. "This certification provides for responsible consumption of forest resources, i.e. the company purchases raw materials from those wood suppliers who in addition to logging are engaged in reforestation. A buyer who has a product with an FSC label can therefore be sure that no counterfeit raw materials have been used to manufacture the goods. Such traceability in the chain of custody is the purpose of FSC certification and is close to the company's corporate ethics. For example, every year Talivenda employees go out to plant forests and plant more than 60,000 seedlings," comments Elena Berezina, head of the company's development department.

Manufacturers of wooden stirrers are the winners of the innovation competition.

Sticks made of birch wood have been declared by the "Talivenda" woodworking company for the International Vending & Automated Services Award competition. The competition took place in the framework of the International Exhibition of Vending Technologies and Self-Service Systems VendExpo and WRS5 2021. It is designed to celebrate the industry's best innovations.

This year, 26 companies from different regions of Russia took part in the contest. "Talivenda won in the "Ingredients and Consumables" category. Wooden coffee stirrers in individual packaging were presented for the jury's evaluation. "For us, this is another step towards popularising biodegradable products. Companies involved in vending and HoReCa industry should know about the domestic manufacturers able to offer an alternative to plastic products," said Elena Berezina, Head of Development Department.

According to Elena, this position is conditioned by the mission of Talivenda - to give cleanness and health to the world by protecting from the harmful effect of plastic. After all, the company uses eco-friendly and high-quality birch veneer as well as high-tech equipment to produce stirrers. Unlike the Chinese manufacturers "Talivenda" in a production cycle doesn't use any chemical and bleaching additives, so sticks are 100% safe for human health and the environment.

"Talivenda for an informed choice.

Responsibility for the forest resources consumed is the primary reason for the company to be FSC certified. "Talivenda received the relevant document in March 2020. A confirmation audit by the certifying body is carried out every year.

This certification allows the Forest Stewardship Council to monitor the entire chain of custody for products made of certified wood. That means that the buyer who has the product with the FSC label in his hands FSCThe buyer can therefore be sure that no unprofitable raw materials have been used to manufacture the goods. The supplier of such raw materials is also engaged in forest regeneration, in addition to logging. The supplier of the raw materials is also involved in reforestation FSC CERTIFICATIONcertification is voluntary and based on a sense of responsibility for the resources used

Accepting this position, "Talivenda" has done a lot of work. Firstly a new system for recording, managing and documenting all the processes associated with the production of certified products was built at the enterprise. Secondly, employees responsible for key points in the production of such sticks were trained. Thirdly, the production streams of certified products and those that do not have such confirmation were separated. And this is just a small list of changes made in the company's activities. Since the certification system regulates everything from accounting and storage of raw materials to use of the FSC LOGO in the signature of employee emails.

Our partners also shared our position in choosing a responsible wood supplier. We received particular support from foreign organizations who are also concerned about reforestation. As a result we created a great circle of people who are able to contribute to the conservation of forest resources. "Talivenda is grateful to like-minded people and is confident in the success of such cooperation - a partnership united by a globally important social goal.


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